Ear Gauges

Ear gauges are a popular fashion choice. They started out being worn by tribesmen and women in Africa for a variety of reasons, but they are being utilized more for fashion by teens and college-age people in other countries.  Ear gauges are large plugs put into piercings in the ear lobes that gradually stretch and distort the lobes into accepting larger and larger objects. Ear gauges are made from many different kinds of material, from plastic to surgical steel. There are many styles and sizes to be aware of when choosing the desired look that you are going for.

Plugs are adornments for ear gauges. Fitting within the gauge itself, a plug can be made in a simple one-color piece that draws attention to the gauge, or it can come with an intricate design intended as a decorative piece of jewelry. Plugs range from those made from an acrylic material bearing a four leaf clover for a person proud of her Irish descendant to those made from totally organic materials. And stone plugs made for ear gauges have become a popular choice. Those made from the ever popular turquoise stone are often highly sought after. The downside to some stone plugs is that they over-weight the ear gauge, making it feel noticeably heavy or apparently awkward when the head of the person wearing it moves.

The process of gauging your ear piercing is slow and gradual, but that beats going about with your ears heavily bandaged. What you should do is select a gauge size that is next in size to your current one and buy metal earrings or insertion tapers in that next gauge size. For gauge size, there are many ear gauges in different sizes. Standard size ear piercings are usually done with an eighteen or twenty gauge needle. The larger the piercing, the lesser the gauge needle number. To stretch existing ear piercings, tapering rings and tapering inserts, usually made of metals like gold, silver or steel, are used. As their name indicates, these devices taper along their lengths from small to big and can be used according to requirement. If you want to get one, it is suggested to get a professional help for you. It better than later, you won’t take any risk, isn’t it? Also, make sure that you choose the cleaning supplies when taking care of your ears. Good Luck!