Dry Skin Brushing

It is a common fact that skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin is also responsible for elimination of waste from the body, through sweat. Due to this function, skin is also called the third kidney. Improper skin care or neglect of the skin will result in blocked skin pores that will eventually affect the organ’s detoxification function. This may lead to many skin disorders and at times, may also elevate your blood pressure. So, maintaining a clean and healthy skin is very much important. Dry skin brushing is one such method, which is claimed to be beneficial for skin rejuvenation. This is one of the most popular techniques used for removal of dead skin cells on your body without over-drying it.  Not only does brushing the skin result in the removal of dead surface skin cells to reveal newer, younger looking skin, brushing the skin also assists with the elimination of toxins by stimulating blood flow. Dry brushing skin that is flaky, dry or even normal is a spa-like technique that offers many health benefits and highly recommended to any beauty regimen.

Dry skin brushing techniques have been used by the Europeans for the last three to four decades. It is aimed at skin exfoliation, which is said to be beneficial in various ways. It is done with a brush made of natural fibers. Dry skin brushing is done on dry, naked skin. This removes the dead skin cells on the surface, thereby paving way for the production of new skin cells, which undertake the function of detoxification more efficiently. And how to do dry skin brushing properly?You need to use a natural bristled brush as the same is not harsh on your skin. Also, the one having larger handle is easier to use when you brush your back. You need to brush the whole body in small circular directions with medium pressure. Also start from your feet and move upwards with smaller strokes. Brushing needs to be done in upward direction, towards your heart. Make sure that you brush your palms and soles as well. Be gentle while brushing your sensitive skin areas. Make this a routine activity before taking a bath and enjoy its numerous benefits apart from lightened complexion and glowing skin. And make sure that you clean the brush in warm soapy water twice a month. Avoid brushing for face, on cuts, wounds, and inflamed areas of your skin. You can take a refreshing hot water shower after skin brushing and apply small amount of natural oil instead of moisturizers containing chemicals.

There’s so many benefits of dry skin brushing. This technique can improve the texture of your skin, and it can get rid of cellulite. The lymphatic system is cleansed through dry body brushing as well. This technique also can stimulate hormone and oil glands. Reduce stress on your body and improve overall function. As you continue your dry brushing routine you should notice your hair, skin tone and general well being improve. And the most important is this technique can strengthen your immune system. Dry brush to help the body eliminate harmful toxins and prevent colds, flu and other common illnesses. So overall, beauty and health are enhanced.