Dressy Sweaters

Dressy sweaters are a great alternative to a dress for formal events. A nice dressy sweater that will make you look polished while keeping you warm and staying totally comfortable to wear. Having this piece in your wardrobe will allow you to instantly class up your look while keeping your wardrobe choices easy and functional at the same time.

When choosing this sweater, the sleeves should be long, either full-length down past your wrists or three-quarter “bracelet” length. This will keep its look more dressed up. The most universally flattering neckline is the v-neck, which elongates the torso, and can be as deep or shallow as you feel comfortable with. As for color, feel free to choose any in the rainbow that strikes your fancy. A bright hue you particularly favor can make you feel good every time you wear it, but a neutral like black or charcoal gray will work in more outfit combinations and be less memorable since you’re likely to be wearing it frequently. Either works just as well, it’s up to your taste. It’s just probably a better bet to stick with a solid color instead of something in a pattern, as it will wear better and appear more expensive.

The Pictures of Dressy Sweaters

Turning up at the event and not being dressed inappropriately is not a very pleasant experience and can leave one feeling humiliated and embarrassed. The next time you need to be dressy yet casual, then choose the dressy sweaters and be the center of all attention.