Dresses for The Hourglass Figure Women

The hourglass figure is the term given to the shape of woman who has full breasts and hips and a narrow waist. For much of the 20th century the hourglass figure was considered the ideal womanly form and the sexiest as well. The hourglass is the most highly desired body type for women due to its femininity. Dressing the hourglass body type focuses on proportion, since the top and bottom half balance out so well. Here are some tips of dresses for hourglass figure that can enhance the appearance.

  1. If you’ve got curves, the right dresses for hourglass figure will show them off perfectly. An hourglass shape is one with a defined waistline, and hips and bust that are equal in size. The curvy figure can wear glamorous or conservative dresses with ease, but it’s important to know what type to purchase. Women with hourglass figures look phenomenal in wrap dresses that cinch at the waist, like this red one.
  2. Avoid high necklines, which can have a boxy effect. If you prefer round necklines to V shapes, try something that falls right above your cleavage. A flattering A-line skirt accents this modest look.
  3. Wear a darker bottom and lighter colored top to emphasize your waistline and to minimize your curves.
  4. Hourglass figures also look great in playful cuts that take their inspiration from decades past. This ‘50s-esque party dress features a demure polka dot print, which is perfect for a curvy figure – it won’t overwhelm your frame, and it breaks up at the waist with a wide, dark belt. A style like this negotiates curves beautifully, and will turn heads with its diminutive charm.
  5. Buy clothes in the correct size. A top that is too big will only make you look bigger and sloppier and clothes that are too tight will also make you look larger.
  6. The little black dress is something women of all shapes and sizes can wear. With its low cut neckline and full skirt, this one accentuates the waist and plays up your upper half while minimizing full hips.
  7. Choose lighter weight fabrics without extra bulk to give you a lean look.


The Example Dresses


Hourglass figures can show off their curves and camouflage their imperfections by knowing what is the proper dresses forĀ  hourglass figure and choosing the right styles for their particular body type. By wearing clothes that fit properly any woman can look stunning and feel confident. Embrace your best assets and don’t hide behind improperly fitting clothes.