Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but never could figure out what kind of tattoo you should get?If it should be meaningful in it’s design or if it should simply express your individuality?How about Dreamcatcher tattoo? If you want to get one great tattoo for the first time, dreamcatcher tattoos would be a great choice. Dreamcatchers are rich with symbolism and history, and many people want this symbolism on their bodies.

Though many people today use dreamcatchers as decorations, dreamcatchers are actually full of meaning and symbolism. The dreamcatcher has its roots in the legend of the Spider Woman (Asibikaashi), an Ojibwa deity who helped Wanabozhoo (the Great Spirit) bring the sun to the people of the land. She was the mother of them all. The dreamcatcher is the web of the Spider Woman that traps the bad dreams until the sun rises and withers them. There are many interpretations to these tattoos. In a particular tribe of Lakota, the dreamcatcher actually meant a leader of wisdom and he disguised as a spider to weave a web inside the hoop which symbolized the life cycle of the humans. It meant that the perfect circle symbolized the good ideas being held and the bad ones being passed through the holes in the web. Getting Dreamcatcher tattoo done on your body can show that you too believe in the ancient myths which are of good will and strength.

If you’ve decided to get your tat, but now you have to think, where should you put it? Dreamcatchers are a popular choice for arm tattoos for men. For women, they can be an ideal pick for a small shoulder design. For a bolder look, use the dreamcatcher as part of a large Native American motif on your entire back. Complete the look with wolves, buffalo, arrowheads, and feathers. Although dreamcatcher tattoo have a fairly uniform appearance, there is much room for combination. A lot of people love to get other combinations like landscapes and sceneries, like the rising sun or the moon, the trees and the sea to go with their tattoos. Another combinations for these dreamcatcher tattoos; names, faces, flags and other personal choices blended with them. A lot of people get tattoos for a number of reasons like memories of particular people, signs, incidents and other memorable things. As tattoos are excellent modes of freedom of expression, you can merge these designs with absolutely any other designs of your choice.