Dramatic Eye Makeup

Bold, dramatic eyes can make a powerful statement. And dramatic eye makeup is in vogue these days. A dramatic eye makeup can add interest to your face and can act as an extension of your costume. Dramatic eye makeup doesn’t have to be too dark and brooding, but it should make your peepers stand out.

Dramatic eye makeup is great for an evening out or just when you need to add that finishing touch to your ensemble for a special affair.  To do a dramatic eye makeup can be just simple. And here are some steps to help you create that dramatic eye makeup effect:

The first step is to color the eyebrows. Choose a color which is at least a shade darker than your natural color. Also shape your eyebrows in a different shape than usual so that the change is noticed instantly. Shaping the eyebrows differently does not mean that the eyebrows should be weirdly shaped! Just try a different shape, for example, if you are used to a completer round shaped eyebrows, go for arched or pointed eyebrows. It is also better to give your stylist an idea of what you are trying to do, as he will have an idea of can look good on you and what won’t.

Dramatic eye makeup for eyeshadow application is also a very important step. Eyeshadow shade will be different for each eye color. But the basic trick of applying a lighter shade right from the eyelashes to the eyebrow line and then applying a dark line on the crease of the eyelid will remain same for all eye colors. Dramatic eye makeup for brown eyes should contain a metallic shade of pink, pink eyeshadow gives a unique dramatic look to brown eyes. Similarly, makeup for hazel eyes or any other colored eyes, should have at least one shade of any metallic colors like bronze, gold, plum or copper to do the trick. To get a different look, blend two eye shadows together. For dramatic look, blend a neutral eyeshadow shade and a shimmering eyeshadow shade.

Eyeliner is the second most important step. To start with, first see to it that you have a sharp eyeliner pencil, as a blunt eye liner will give a thick line. Start applying the eyeliner to the upper lash first, from the inner corner to the outer corner; try to apply the eye liner as close as possible to the eyelash line. Talking about eyeliner shade, black and brown are the colors for a dramatic look. For a different look, apply the eyeliner a bit beyond the eyelash or apply to only half of the lower eyelid.

Mascara should always be applied after rest of the dramatic eye makeup. Curl the eyelashes before applying mascara as curling will help the eyelashes open wide. Apply two coats of mascara for achieving the dramatic look. You can always experiments with colors, however black, dark blue, dark purple are the colors which undoubtedly will bring out the shimmering effect. Now that you have basics of how to do dramatic eye makeup you can play around with it.  Experiment with shades of eye shadow, dark eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes.  All of these are must haves for dramatic eye makeup.