Double Finger Rings

The double finger rings have become high on demand among both males and females lately. As expected, women like them more and use them more common. Females love to make bold style statement with the new and fashionable trend of double finger rings. As its name suggests, these rings are also known as two finger rings and a double finger rings has a top that stretches over two fingers, joining two ring bands together underneath. Yes, these are designed in such a way that they can be slipped over on two fingers, thus, they are bigger in size. They are mostly paired to be worn either on the middle and ring finger or on index long with middle finger. You should not bother about your comfort, you will never feel like your fingers are bound or baffled together.

Hanging Cross Two-Finger Ring
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ASOS Swallow Double Finger Ring
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Jewelry houses and accessories stalls are flooded with varieties of double finger rings. If you want to gift someone on their wedding, birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, pick up a good quality gold, platinum, silver or diamond rings from a reputed jewelry shop. You can attach a small plate on the top of the ring and inscribe your name. Trendy double rings with keyboard designs are quite popular. Flowers and cartoons attached with the ring look cute. Crystal flowers or fiber cartoons attached to a silver ring look fashionable on youngsters. You can also go for goth designs, mythological characters and zodiac symbols embedded over the ring. Traditional rings for special occasions are designed with diamond stones over platinum rings or pearls embedded in gold rings. Silver rings also look very sophisticated with jewels and stones studded in them. The cost depends on the designs and material used.

Gold Love Bar Two-Finger Stretch Ring

Gold Skull Two-Finger Ring

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These double finger rings are really fashionable and bold. So, next time if you go out to buy any accessories, try out some double finger rings for a change. Spending on such a ring is worth it. This new ornament will undoubtedly fetch you handful of praise and appreciation.