DIY: Tying a Scarf

One of the most fashionable accessories to be paired up with women’s clothing is the scarf.  Scarves have been one of the most favorite fashion accessories for women since ages. Women wore them in the Victorian age, and they wear them even today. Age doesn’t really matter when it comes to sporting scarves. Teenagers can sport them as stylishly as working women. And what’s more, even men have begun to appreciate the style and warmth that scarves have to offer.There are so many different ways to tying a scarf. You can devise your own unique way of doing it too. You never know, it may just become one of the fads that your contemporaries begin to imitate, making you a trend-setter in the process. Mentioned below are some ways how to tying a scarf. Let’s take a look!

Simple Way

One of the most important tips for tying a scarf is that however you tie it, it should serve some purpose. And it should look sensible too. For instance, in winter, wearing a gorgeous but really flimsy scarf simply doesn’t make sense. Especially when you have so many warm and woolen ones to choose from. So pick a nice warm one that suits your skin tone and the outfit that you’re wearing. Place it around your neck, with both the ends hanging down. Keep one side longer than the other. Then, take the longer side, flip it across the opposite shoulder and bring it back down. Your neck is protected from the cold and you look chic as well.

Neck Wrap

Accessorize a winter jacket or coat with a neck wrap. Lay a square 40- or 60-inch scarf on a flat surface. Gather the two opposite scarf corners and fold until the outer corners meet at the middle of the scarf. Then, fold the square scarf lengthwise into a flattened long tube with pointy ends. Wrap the flattened scarf around the front of your neck two times. Tie the scarf in a knot. Stuff the loose ends into the jacket for warmth, or tie it at the side of the neck for decoration.

Shawl scarf

Wear your favorite square scarf around the shoulders like a shawl. The best scarf length to wrap around the body is between 50 to 64 inches long. Wrap your scarf around both shoulders, and pin the scarf to your sweater, suit or dress with a jeweled brooch to secure. As an alternative style, grab both ends of the scarf and tie them into a knot at your chest. A square scarf worn loose around the shoulders will conceal large or flabby arms while balancing wide hips.

Knot Wrap

Create a large and loose knot wrap to place at your mid-chest. Fold the square scarf lengthwise. Place the scarf around the back of your neck. Pull your scarf through the end of the scarf that has a loop. Tighten the scarf around your neck. Choose a scarf fabric that drapes well around the neck like silk charmeuse and crepe de chine. Wearing a scarf tied into a large loose knot around the neck flatters most women.

And here are some video tutorial taken from Youtube.

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The Example Styles of Scarf

There are many many more ways to tying a scarf that look classy and posh. A scarf is an accessory that can help you play up or down an outfit depending on how you use it. Though today it is heralded as a style symbol and the most versatile ornament for accentuation of outfits, before 1900, scarves were used only as head coverings and for no other fashion adornment. They add a touch of glamorous femininity to women and make men look sexy. You can also experiment about how to tie your scarf besides the four mentioned ways above, all you need to do is practice, practice and be crative! cheers!