DIY: Shrink Your Pores

The role of the pores on the skin surface is to provide useful natural oil to the skin so that it can stay soft and hydrated. Pores become prominent and visible when they get expanded or infected or clogged by oil released by the glands. This happens with accumulation of dirt, oil and bacteria. Some people are born with thick oily skin which lead to large pores. Others get them as they get older and the skin loses its natural elasticity. Fortunately, it’s very possible to at least make your pores appear much smaller with some simple ways. Furthermore let us take a look at some methods below about how to shrink pores.

Here are some ways on how to shrink pores. Firstly, wash your face daily, as gently as if it were a baby’s skin. You may not be a baby anymore, but your skin still needs gentle care. Overwashing, or vigorous washing, or scrubbing the skin can damage the pore’s lining and worsen skin pore problems according to chemist and formulator of natural cosmetics, Robert Rister. Apply a cleanser to clean fingertips, not a face cloth to clean. Pat, don’t rub the face dry. Then, you should be able to exfoliate your skin every day. Exfoliation aids in removing the dead skin as well as the other pesky debris out of your skin pores. Thus, it is ideal to use a grainy cleanser for your skin. It can allow you to exfoliate your skin effectively. You can prefer a cleanser that has orange peel, almonds, or oats. One of the more popular brands is Essential’s Scrub Mask. It contains honey and almonds, which is good for your skin. Next, you can wear a mask, not to go out, but at home, at night, when you’re alone. Steam clean pores by filling the bathroom sink with hot water. Place a large towel over your head and hover over the sink, allowing the steam to penetrate the skin. Wipe the skin with a cotton ball to remove any dirt. The last thing you want to do is apply a mask over a minuscule object lodged in a pore, because it will erupt into a painful pimple. Apply a mask to your skin weekly. Slather on a thick clay mask to absorb excess oils and smooth skin.

Go for Microdermabrasion.  It is wonderful if you can undergo this procedure at least two times a week.  The process allows the prompt regeneration of your skin. Once your new skin resurfaces, you can easily get rid of your skin problems, including your enlarged pores. You can visit a professional spa and request for procedure. You can also purchase a home microdermabrasion kit from L’ Oreal or Derma New. Whether you go to a professional spa or you buy a home microdermabrasion kit, great results are bound to happen. You can also manage your enlarged pore in no time. And also, you can use additional products like antioxidant creams to reduce the effects of over exposure to sun and pollutants. You’ll feel rejuvenated too. And remember to maintain your skins restoration with a regular cleansing and moisturizing regime. Healthy skin makes you look radiant and feel great. Now you know how to shrink pores without much hassle. Keep in mind that you have to be extra careful about the kinds of foods that you are eating. Drinking plenty of liquids can keep the skin hydrated and make the pores less visible. Exposure to sun can cause damage to the pores, so apply good amount of sunblock and wear a hat while going out in the sun.