DIY: Make Your Own Macrame

Macrame is a unique style of fabric weaving with knots. The earliest examples of macrame date to the 13th century, when Arabian rug makers tied off their finished rugs with knotted fringe. The word macrame comes from this practice. It means fringe in Arabic. By the early 14th and 15th centuries, macrame had migrated to Italy and France. It was a popular way for sailors to pass the time while at sea for long periods, and supplemented their skills with mending nets, which use many of the same knots. Macrame work was popular in 19th century Britain, but fell into obscurity for decades. A revival of all crafts brought macrame back into popularity during the 1960s and early 1970s. It enjoyed another resurgence and rediscovery in the late 1990s, and continues to be a popular craft thanks to new materials and ideas. Like many crafts, macrame began with a functional purpose. Over the years, macrame has been used to make a bracelet. Macrame bracelets are made of cord or twine tied into a series of specific kinds of knots. Although each knot is simple on its own, their effect in a series creates an elaborate and elegant appearance. If you want to make a macrame bracelet by yourself, then below are some steps about how to make macrame bracelets which is simple to do. Keep Reading…

Before you begin to make, then you will some things like; 12-by-12-inch square of cardboard or Styrofoam, Several straight pins, 2 different colors of cord, yarn or thin rope, Scissors, Hot glue gun and glue sticks. Then, here’s the steps about how to make macrame bracelets. Firstly, cut enough cording of each of the two colors so that you have at least eight times more than you need for the length of the bracelet. Cut one piece of cord approximately 6 inches long. Place the short cord at the top of the board in a horizontal line and insert a pin in each end of the cord to hold it in place. Make a lark’s head knot with each of the two different colors of cord by starting with each piece of cord folded in half, so that you have two lark’s head knots, one in each cord. Insert the loop of the folded section of cord underneath the pinned cord and thread the ends of the cord through so that the long piece cord is left attached to the pinned cord. Repeat with the second cord next to the first one so that they are next to one another. Then, make a square knot using the two attached colors of cord. Start by pulling the four pieces of cord taut. Take the right-most cord and bring it over the two center pieces and under the cord on the left; leave it perpendicular to the cords on the left side. Take the left-most cord — not the one you just brought through the cords but the one originally on the left side. Bring it under the cord you first wove through, and behind the two center cords. Stick it through the last two cords so that it is lying over the cord on the right side, perpendicular to the cords. After that, continue weaving the side cords through the center cords in this manner. Leave the two cords in the center so that they fall straight down throughout the entire process. Knot the ends of the cords together. Add a small amount of hot glue to the knots to hold them in place. Cut the remaining cord off when you reach the desired length of your bracelet, leaving enough cord to use to tie the bracelet onto the wearer’s wrist. Done.

The above are some steps how to make macrame bracelets for you. If you want them to look a little more unique, beads can be placed in the bracelet to add some color and interest. These bracelets look spectacular when completed and also gives a sense of accomplishment. You can make lovely friendship bracelets using macrame. You can easily decorate your bracelet by using various colored strings and beads, shells or even feathers to make it look more attractive.  After all, macrame is a very simple but creative craft to make jewelry pieces.