DIY: Create Your Own Jean Shorts

Jeans are probably the trendiest fashion garments of all time. It doesn’t go out in style and is a comfort to wear, a part of the few outfits that are both comforting and stylish to have on. Another great thing about women’s  jeans is that they make great shorts as well. Ladies who know diy jean shorts can put those old jeans to back to use and save a few dollars on a summer wardrobe.

DIY Jean Shorts

Things you will need : your old jeans, jeans shorts chalk or pencil scissors hairbrush.

  1. Lay the jeans flat, and then lay a pair of shorts that are the right length on top of them. Use your chalk or pencil to mark where the hem should be on each leg of the jeans.
  2. Put away the shorts and smooth your jeans. If necessary, go over the mark once more with chalk to make sure it is visible all the way across.
  3. Carefully cut along the mark, cutting the front and the back of each leg at the same time, cutting through both layers of fabric. Use sharp scissors.
  4. For a neater look, roll the hem of the jeans shorts. For a more frayed look, take the hem and hold it so that it stands up at a right angle to your cutting surface, then take a hairbrush and rub it across the hem. Finally, run your jeans shorts through the dryer.


And here’s the examples of jean shorts :

If you like the vintage 1960s “hippie” look of torn and tattered cut-off jean shorts, you can easily fringe the edges of your jean shorts and add some fringed cuts and holes to them. For fringed look, after cutting off the legs of your jeans, make a few short, straight clips in the fabric around the lower thigh areas and run them through a wash cycle. All of the cut-off areas will slightly fray around the edges creating a fringe-like appearance. If you have double stitched seams along the sides or back of your jean shorts, shallow cuts with a straight razor can create additional fringed trimming. And, if you are handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine, you have a lot more options when diy jean shorts. Many fabric stores offer huge varieties of trims to accent sewing projects, and jean shorts are no exception. To make feminine jean shorts, consider sewing a colorful lace trim around the ends to adorn your knee area. “Tomboy” types may prefer a narrow plaid or flannel trim to accent her jean shorts.