DIY: Create Hallowen Costumes for Kids

Halloween is the time when kids love to let their hair down and have loads of fun! The best thing about this celebration is the funny costumes for children. Kids of all ages simply love to dress up for this day. Well, Halloween costumes for kids are quite creative in terms of designs and this can be noticed at many outlets in your neighborhood area that sell ready-made costumes. However, you can make some amazing costumes even at home. Take a look at these ideas for help.

Fairy Princess

To create these DIY hallowen costumes with fairy theme you will need some things to do. Such as;

  1. Antennae On A Headband
  2. Ballet Slippers
  3. Fairy Costume
  4. Glitter Makeup
  5. Tiaras
  6. Tutus
  7. Body Glitters
  8. Construction Paper
  9. Princess Costume


Firstly… find a pretty dress or a bodysuit and ballet tutu, the frillier the better. Make a crown or tiara out of shimmery pipe cleaners or a rhinestone necklace and some wire. Opt for a medieval princess’s hat made from a cone of construction paper, with an elastic chin strap and a chiffon scarf flowing from the tip. For a princess, make a cape or robe out of some pretty fabric. For a cape, just hem the edges and glue on a strip of fake fur, gold brocade or glitter for trim. For fairy wings, lay a piece of sheer fabric or crepe paper flat on some cardboard or thick paper. Using craft glue, draw butterfly wing patterns or other designs on the fabric, then sprinkle craft glitter on top and set aside to dry. Trim the wings into whatever shape you like – remember that the fabric will be attached at the back or nape and also at the wrists. To attach wings, use a needle and thread or diaper pins (inside the costume so that they don’t show). Gather the fabric in the middle of the back or nape of the neck, and attach to the wrists with small safety pins or elastic cord.

Starfish Costume

One of the best and creative DIY Halloween costumes for kids is the starfish Halloween costume. To make this quick and easy Halloween costume you will need a light red or orange hooded sweatshirt, light red or orange tights,1 square yard of orange felt, fabric glue, 1 yard yellow satin, 1 yard multicolored metallic fabric,1 yard gold metallic fabric and black and white felt.  In a big sheet of paper draw a pattern of twelve equal-size gold fish arms. Place this pattern over the orange felt and cut out the shapes. Glue one piece of gold fish arm to another, so you have two double thick fins. Glue the arms one each to the back of each shoulder of the sweatshirt and the rest to the back from the tights. Cut the yellow satin and the multicolored metallic fabric into scallops. Cut the gold metallic fabric into small scallop shapes too and apply glue to back of the satin and metallic fabrics to stiffen them. Glue these scalloped shapes to the back of the tights over the legs. Cut some extra scallop shapes with the metallic fabrics and glue them to the front of the sweat shirt. To make the eyes, cut out two 2-inch circles of white felt and two 1-inch circles of black felt. Glue the black circles in the middle of the white circles and glue them to an orange cap. This cap can be worn as headgear and will make the eyes of the starfish.

Colorful Ghost

Be as creative as you like with this colorful ghost costume. Use the traditional white sheet ghost idea and build on it. Purchase inexpensive colorful pieces of fabric and cut circles out of the colored fabric. Make as many circles as you like, then hot glue them on the ghost costume.

Goth Bat Costume

Go with a goth bat costume for a preteen girl who still enjoys Halloween but wants to look cool. Pair a black jumpsuit with a black skirt–select a skirt in a different color or one decorated with silver or gold threads if you prefer to break up the black. Skip the large bat wings. Wear black full-length gloves with miniature wings at the elbows. Add temporary pink or red streaks to your hair.

Cardboard Box Costumes

Cardboard box costumes are quick DIY hallowen costumes to make; and one of the best costumes. You can come with your own creative ideas. Whatever you can represent using a box you can make using cardboard box ideas. For example you can make an iPod, make a Rubik’s cube, traffic signal, popcorn box, coke can, x-ray machine, sponge bob, lego, wall-e, tin man, etc. using a cardboard box. So, find a big box which your torso can easily fit in. Then lay it flat on ground, and paint it the way you feel like. Once you are done painting all the sides, let it dry completely, and make cloth straps to hang the box on your shoulders. Then wear plain colored clothes and hang on the box, and apply a little make up on the face and you are ready to go.

The Example DIY Costumes

These costumes are not very difficult to make and all you need are the materials in hand. So, this Halloween ditch the store bought costumes and instead make your own Halloween costume. Cheers!