Dimple Piercing

A dimple piercing is also known as a cheek piercing. These piercings are normally done in the center of the cheek, which is where most dimples appear. The most common jewelry for a cheek piercing is a long surgical stainless steel labret stud, or a barbell with a flat back disc. Just like all types of facial piercings, even these piercings carry a little risk due to their placement.  Therefore, people who want to get their dimple pierced absolutely need to know the details about this type of piercing to prevent the occurrence of infection.

Dimple piercing is done by penetrating the needles through the facial tissue into the oral cavity. The jewelry used is the 16 – 12 gauze labret stud. As the area where the piercing is done swells up after a few days, the jewelry that will be used after the piercing is done will be bigger in size. The bigger sized jewelry will give sufficient space to the swelling and allow the piercing to heal well. However, once the area is completely healed, it is important to change the jewelry and put in a smaller one. This is because the bigger jewelry is likely to rub against the teeth and gums which can lead to damage. Moreover, one should make sure that the balls of the jewelry are tightened as there have been cases where people have swallowed the balls accidentally. Keep in mind about this.

If you decide to get a dimple piercing, the first thing you should do is select a professional piercer. This type of body modification is best done by a professional who has experience with cheek piercings. Before the piercing is done, the piercer will likely go over every aspect of the piercing, including how it will be performed and aftercare instructions. For aftercare, always remember to cleaning your hand before you taking care about your dimple piercing. A fresh piercing is like an open wound, and extremely susceptible to infection, this is why it is important to begin dimple piercing care with clean hands. Cleaning the area with dirty hands will only increase the chances of the area become infected.