Diamond Bangle Bracelets

Bangles are bracelets without a clasp or opening that are designed to slip over the hand, arm or ankle and can be worn singly or stacked with other bangles. Bangles are probably the oldest form of jewelry, and can be made out of any material that can hold a stiff form: wood, plastic, paper mache and of course, precious metals such as; glass and jade, and are sometimes encrusted with diamonds or other semi-precious stones. And for diamond bangles, they really can add class and elegance to any jewelry collection.

Rona Pfeiffer Very large flower Diamond Bangle
Rona Pfeiffer Pave Diamond Bangle
Rona Pfeiffer Diamond Bangle
Rona Pfeiffer Lacey Diamond Bangle
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Diamond bangles come in a wide array of styles and are available with most of the major diamond shapes, ranging from princess cut to baguettes. Designers may place diamonds around the entire band, or just on a portion of the band. Bangles are available in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, white gold, gold and platinum. These bangles aren’t easily lost or broken because they don’t have a delicate clasp. They don’t have jagged edges that can catch on clothes. When many of them are worn at once, ascending from the wrist to the elbow, they make a pleasant jangling sound that resembles wind chimes.

Roberto Coin Primavera Diamond Bangle
Dominique Cohen Noir Diamond-Detailed Bangle
Ippolita Seven-Diamond Bangle
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To purchase diamond bangles, there’s a range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of metal and carat weight of the diamonds in the piece. Establish a reasonable budget before shopping to help narrow down the choices. Diamond bangles are never out of fashion, so a large collection of diamond bangles in different colors and styles can serve you well for many years.