Diabetic Shoes for Men

Many people don’t even know that diabetic shoes exist. Since diabetes can cause numbness in the extremities, paired with trouble healing or difficulty clotting, a properly fitted and comfortable shoe can literally save life and limb. If a diabetic wears an ill-fitting shoe, he may not feel any discomfort, and can literally wear a hole in his foot without any pain. Diabetic shoes for men have been developed to give relief to the diabetes patients. Such shoes have become an essential need in the US as they act as a therapeutic footwear that helps in the healing of strain and foot ulcers.

Men’s Comfort Diabetic Shoe/Boot by Drew – Rockford

Men’s Comfort Diabetic Shoe/Boot by Drew – Bryan

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Diabetic shoes are frequently required because excess glucose can cause a condition called peripheral neuropathy in the feet. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves in a particular organ or tissue undergo damage. Diabetes affects circulation, making it difficult for damaged organs to heal as well. The illness can strike on a deeper level still by compromising the immune system and, with the addition of poor circulation, making infections difficult to heal and drain from the system. Diabetes will also affect the joints of the feet causing difficulty in walking as the feet stiffen. That’s why people need these diabetes shoes. Fabric shoes are often the most recommended form of diabetic shoes for men. They are breathable and roomy and can be worn with or without socks. Athletic-style diabetic shoes are also popular, with velcro straps.

Apex Men’s B3000M Ambulator Biomechanical Diabetic Shoes

Pedors 600 Classic Diabetic Shoes – Men’s

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The key to choosing the right diabetic shoe is to seek out styles that are comfortable, the right size and very sturdy. They should allow the feet to breathe, prevent slips and wick away moisture. The ideal shoe will also feature a cushioned foot bed, making each step as light as a cloud. If you want to purchase, there are plenty of diabetic shoes for men out there. And the good news is that more and more companies are recognizing that many diabetics desire shoes that are as stylish as they are functional. While a hard-working shoe is absolutely essential for a diabetic, a bit of moxie would not go amiss. Fortunately, plenty of diabetic shoes today meet both demands equally, offering good looks to match their strong features.