Dama Dresses for Quinceanera

A quinceanera is an important coming-of-age event in a traditional Spanish girl’s life. Celebrated on her 15th birthday, the event is similar to the American idea of a sweet 16 party. For a quinceanera, it’s essential that the girl have an appropriate, formal style of dress. Dama dresses, describing formal attire for a lady in Spanish culture, are often chosen for this event.

Ballroom Dresses

The ballroom style is a very formal dress, and it’s reminiscent of the dresses worn by princesses in classic stories. With an upper portion that has a look similar to a corset, the lower half of the dress is long and often made full so that it blooms out from the hips. This style of dress is meant to swish as the wearer moves, often leading to interesting dances where the skirt swirls around the girl as she dances.

Long Formal

A more modern style of dama quinceanera dress is the long, formal dress. These dresses are ankle-length when the wearer is out of heels, and they’re cut in such a way that the dress hugs the girl’s figure as a single piece. This style is more often referred to as a gown, whereas the shorter dresses won’t be.

Short Formal

The shorter dama dresses for quinceanera tend to stop at knee-length, or just past knee-length. Like the longer gowns, these dresses are meant to hug the woman’s form to emphasize the chest and the curve of the hips. The hem may be at an angle, straight across, or even higher in the middle and descending around the sides of the legs.

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