Cute Plus Size Clothes

Who say plus size clothing can’t be cute yet gorgeous? If you are a plus size woman, you must know that there are many cute plus size clothes that available in the stores and online retailers for you. Start with Shop around, Ladies! Almost every store has a cute plus-size gem hidden somewhere. It could be a cool shirt with a funky print, a fun belt or a great-fitting pair of jeans. So don’t be afraid to venture into plus-size shops looking for something that fits your style.

You also need to focus on the neckline when looking for cute tops. Low scoop necks and V-neck shirts help to create the appearance of vertical length. Skip the high-neck, square neck and boat-neck shirts to avoid creating horizontal lines. Stay away from cap-sleeve shirts and choose some with an elbow-length sleeve, 3/4-sleeve and go sleeveless on warm days. Finally, a shirt should sit comfortably below the waistline. Avoid short shirts so you are not constantly tugging them down. For the dress, there is a belief that dressing in monotones, specifically in all black, is the best way to hide a full figure. Though every woman should perhaps have a “little black dress” in her closet, using black to disguise your figure when you should be embracing it and showing it off is not the answer. Color and prints can work well to compliment your plus size body, especially for your cute plus size clothes, definitely. Large prints and extremely tiny prints can work against you in accentuating the wrong areas and curves. Horizontal stripes also do not work well. A medium sized pattern, with emphasis at your narrowest point will work best to disguise any problem areas while highlighting your attributes. Vertical pinstripes can also help to streamline and elongate your figure for a flattering effect.

And also, don’t go for clothes that are ill-fitting or too tight – what may be a size 14 in one chart might actually be a size 16 or 18 in another. So, don’t buy clothes based on their size. Concern yourself with how the clothes look on you and how they fit. Clothes that are too tight and pull in areas or bunch up will attract unwanted attention. When you choose your clothes, a plus size fashionista suggests buying a size bigger than tight clothes. The clothes should complement your figure. Very often you will find a pair of jeans, which fits you well at the waist but the length of the jeans is way too much. In such a case you should not let go the pair of jeans. You can have the length of the jeans altered. For the accessories, elongate the look of your legs with a pair of high heel pumps or boots. Let your personality shine through in your fashion with some flamboyant or elegant accessories. These will draw the attention and enliven your look at the same time. When wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress, add a few bangle bracelets to one arm or wear an armlet instead. If you have 3/4-sleeves, keep a wrist accessory simple, such as a single tennis bracelet or delicate band. Flatter a low scoop neck top with a bright colored silk scarf, or create more vertical lines in a V-neck shirt with a long necklace and pendant that sits just above cleavage. And remember,  it is very important that you choose plus size clothing, which will help in camouflaging that extra flab. For example, take a look at some clothes below :

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