Cute High Waisted Shorts for Girls

High-waisted shorts are higher in the waist than normal shorts. The waistline of the shorts are typically above or at the belly button. Today, they are extremely popular, especially amongst the fans of Mary-Kate Olsen’s and Fergie’s.  And some celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton and Rumor Willis. They are available in many fabrics and the styles range from fitted, to pleated and bulky. You can find numerous patterns of this voguish type of fashion clothing. In fact, you can get a bit creative and develop a unique pattern of your own too. All that you need to do is to gather a cute fabric and zero down a trendy pattern for sewing the shorts.

The first pattern of high waisted shorts; These shorts are not too high rise and hence people who want to keep it a bit conventional can definitely opt for them. You can modify them in the hips, while keeping their height below or around the navel. They bear a row of buttons on each side seam and they open from both the sides. Linen and cotton are the perfect fabrics to make these shorts. To make them more stylish, you can use a different colored fabric and make an additional belt that goes around the waistband. They are perfect for summer outings. The second pattern;These are not exactly shorts, but rather a combination of high-waisted skirts and shorts. Due to this reason they are also referred to as ‘skorts’! These look great with materials like linen, cotton and other blended materials. They look like skirts from the front while appear like typical shorts from the back. This thing gives them a really casual appearance, which is worth carrying on any sort of casual social gathering.

Rocking this style can be a little costly for some, as far as out-of-pocket cost. Making them on your own can give the same look for next to nothing. You can make your own high waisted shorts with no-fuss. Here’s the simple steps; Firstly, you need to prepare the things you will need such as shorts or pants and scissors. Then, try on your shorts or pants to make sure they fit and the waist comes up to your belly button. After you do that, cut the legs of shorts or pants from front to back, to achieve the desired length. The back of the shorts should be longer than the front, making a slight “C” curve. Try them on to see how they fit. Remove the shorts and trim were needed. Roll shorts at the bottom to achieve a cuffed look or wash them for a frayed look. Done! For best results, look around thrift stores for older jean shorts or pants that have that “mom jean” style. For a chic look, high waist shorts are great paired with a short jacket. Tuck in bulky shirts to keep the high waist shorts exposed. So, if you don’t have any cash to purchase, you don’t have to worry to get this cute high waisted short because you still can make it by yourself with simple way. The high-waisted shorts are worth giving a try! Cheers!