Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans have been around since the 1950s and, although updated, still sport the same laid-back, glamorous vibe they started with. Cuffed jeans are very versatile when it comes to shoe selections. Jeans, in general, are marked as a casual clothing choice. For men and women these cuffed jeans are definitely great for casual fashion territory.

Cuffed Style for Women

If you want to wear a cuffed jean, but you don’t know how to wear it properly– then you need some tips to go. Firstly,when you wear a cuffed jean, then ensure that your cuffed jeans fall somewhere between your knees and ankles. Cuffed jeans above your knees look too much like shorts, and jeans cuffed right at the ankles are too reminiscent of the 1980s. And make sure the width of the cuff is no wider than 1 or 2 inches. You can pair baggy cuffed jeans with a fitted top, or fitted cuffed jeans with a looser top. A flowy tank top that hits at your upper thigh looks great with skinny cuffed jeans. Keep layering fresh and simple; avoid bulky sweaters or anything that falls below the hip or above the waist. Notes; If your cuffs won’t stay in place, insert some well-concealed safety pins or double-sided tape between the cuff and pant leg. Always to consider your body type before adding cuffed jeans to your wardrobe. Many fashion experts recommend wearing cuffed jeans if you have long legs, or are tall. Cuffed jeans tend to make those that are short, or have short legs, appear even shorter.

 Cuffed Style for Men

For men shoes, shoes should be something casual like sneakers (but not athletic shoes) or maybe even sandals. And a canvas boat shoe is about as ‘formal’ as you should get here. For women; they can go with flats, high heels, booties or even gladiator sandals. Cuffed jeans are allowable to wear and great for casual friday. Looking laid back and relaxed need never become associated with looking cheap, and cuffed jeans literally roll over and let everyone see what you’re wearing.