Cruise Wear for Women

Cruise wear  for women varies depending on individual style, cruise destination, and what types of looks you want to sport on your vacation. From swimwear to formal wear, there are many types of attire to consider when packing for your seagoing getaway. Also, with all of the different activities available on a cruise ship, women want to be sure that they have all of the right clothes for the entire cruise. Since you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean, make sure that you pack and bring everything with you that you need.

On the day of your departure, choose wrinkle-resistant articles suited to the climate of your embarkation port. You’ll be trudging along with the crowd, searching for your room and lugging your bags–at least part of the time–while climbing aboard, making this a bad time to break out the new strappy sandals or flirty little sundress. Think business casual and you will blend in well with the majority of your fellow travelers. For mornings and afternoons spent aboard the ship, pack clothing you find comfortable and which is appropriate for any activities you have planned. Cruise wear for women in warmer climates; swimsuits with cover-ups and sandals are must have items and are worn for the majority of the day, while shore excursions may call for something a bit more durable. If you’re planning to disembark for a bit of sightseeing be sure to include conservative length shorts (not all cultures are as liberal as ours), sturdy walking shoes and short-sleeve shirts. Choose two different colors and one neutral for all of your casual pieces so you can mix and match, creating different looks for each day while conserving space in your luggage. Once the sun sets, the dress code is determined by the dinner menu. Generally, evening meals will fall under one of three categories: casual, informal or formal. Dinner time casual means saying good-bye to the shorts and flip-flops and hello to sun dresses, skirts made from denim or khaki, or sporty pants or denim jeans. Casual dinners are usually held on the first and last nights of a cruise. For the record, “Informal Evening” is not the same as “Informal.” It is dressier than casual, so denim of any sort is out. But it is not formal, so sequined gowns and cocktail dresses will seem out of place. You would probably choose the same sort of clothing for church as you would for an Informal Evening, though necklines and hemlines tend to be bit more suggestive. The majority of dinners offered on modern cruises fall into this category. Formal dinners are held one or two nights a week. As the title suggests, they are dress up events where the men wear dark suits and ties or tuxedos and the ladies wear gowns or little black dresses. Think simple and elegant when choosing a style and be sure to leave a bit of breathing room as most cruises are “all-inclusive” affairs and people do tend to gain a few pounds as the days go by.


Cruises take place on the ocean or in large bodies of water where guests are subject to the elements such as strong wind and sunshine. The sun reflects off the water, which can make the ultraviolet rays stronger. Ultraviolet rays cause sunburns and skin discolorations. Cruise guests can avoid skin damage by wearing sunblock and a large-brimmed hat. A large-brimmed hat is also a nice complement for cruise wear for women. After all, it is true that going out on a cruise is an exciting way to break the monotony of everyday life. However, dressing is an important part of every cruise. Following the dress code of a cruise liner not only ensures that you have a complete experience of the fun that a cruise trip is all about, but it also makes the trip enjoyable for the staff as well as the fellow holidayers.