Cross Body Purses

Looking for something small, stylish and lightweight to carry all of your worldly possessions? then a cross body purse might be just what you need. Smaller and lighter than a normal handbag but bigger than a clutch; a cross body purse is particularly useful because it can hang from your opposite shoulder without the need to carry it or care for it. Crossbody purses are great for those times when you don’t need to carry a ton of stuff with you (think simple shopping trips, nights out, or house parties). However, when picking a cross body purse there are plenty of things to consider, such as the material, design, color and size.

With these crossbody purses, not only can you swing a cross body purse over your shoulder and walk with confidence knowing it won’t get in your way, but when you wear one across your body, it makes it difficult for anyone to swipe your stuff. So, for safety more, this crossbody purse is great choice for you. Crossbody purses are also great with just about any outfit. They’re a little bit sporty, totally chic, and work well whether you’re in an oversized sweater and leggings or a flirty bandage skirt. Or,  for edgy look, go for studs, fringe, or bright colors of crossbody purses.

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Crossbody – New Harper Charlie

Juicy Couture Crossbody – Louisa

Isabella Fiore Crossbody – Penelope Mini

Rebecca Minkoff Mini – Rumor
*Purchase at Bloomingdales



Stella McCartney Falabella Crossbody Silver

Lanvin Happy Mini Pop Crossbody Light Green

Marc Jacobs Stam Little Quilted Leather Crossbody

Jimmy Choo Rebel Metallic Flap Crossbody
*Purchase at Neimanmarcus


A more-practical cross body purse is best if you have a little more to carry than most. Like a messenger bag, this type has more pockets, pouches and zips for you to store those extra items. Just because a bag is more practical does not mean that it has to be less stylish. For example, look for crossbody purses with different types of pouch openings, and buckles, belts, zips or buttons. To purchase, you can go check some local stores. If not, online stores/retailers also can be another options, they also offers so many different designs of crossbody purses with various prices. Just make sure, to buy according your style and taste.