Cropped Cardigan

There’s nothing more fun than when you find something sweet for spring. And cropped cardigan could be one of them! this pretty crop of cardigan really sweet in many colors and great to any occasions. It’s the perfect jacket alternative. They’re also easy to wear, you can try to experiment this tops with another outfits. Like, you can wear the cardigan with a similar color tops, if you’re wearing a black cardigan opt for a top in dark colors or neutrals such as chocolate brown and dark blues. If you want to make your waist look miles long, wear it untucked.  They are also perfect with dresses paired with leggings. And if you want to wear long skirt dress, you can go with a belt at the waist and a cardigan over.  Or you can layered over a white lace cami with wide-leg trousers.

Cropped cardigans are cute, practical and fashionable. In a soft knit, this cropped cardigan really has woven leather buttons that close at a slight angle up through the ribbed neck. An extended ribbed cuffs provide the added touches that make this cropped cardigan so cute. The key to looking chic and modern in a cropped cardigan is to wear it with something different and fresh. So drop the typical tee and jeans  or create an alignment with your favorite styles! Try adding trendy accessories into the cropped cardigans such as a nice belt, earrings, cocktail ring or a pair of high heels.

If you want to wear cropped cardigan for work, you can wear it with your shift dress, blouse or dress shirt. Or pair it alone with your pencil skirt or high waist dress pants. For colder months you could also layer it with a fitted turtleneck sweater. There’s always have so many possible styles when it comes to cropped cardigans. So, don’t hesitate to mix up these cute stuff together with another outfits. Cheers!