In earlier decades, creeper shoes were a symbol of suave, Sinatra-like sophistication. Matched with pinstriped shoes and slick looking hats, creeper shoes were once part of a culturally iconic Hollywood fashion. The shoes look almost like a loafer mounted upon a 1.5 to 2 inch platform, and they experienced their first debut in the 1950s when George Cox allowed his footwear vision to materialize. Creeper shoes, otherwise known as brothel creepers or plain old creepers, are an acquired taste. They’re big, bulky and look like slippers on wedges. They don’t often have a very professional experience and can appear borderline hideous to the untrained eye. Creeper shoes¬†evolved throughout the decades and was established as a fashionable choice for certain cultures such as the rockabilly, psychobilly, and goth groups.

Creeper shoes are usually made with a black or white leather or suede upper but are occasionally made with bright suede’s such as red or blue for a complete statement shoe. Creepers regularly feature a small lace fastening with metal eyelets in the shape of a letter ‘D’ instead of the usual round shape, but buckle fastenings are also quite popular among men. The sole of the shoe is the most distinctive part of the shoe as it is extra thick in comparison to other footwear, ranging from a small one inch sole to a three-inch platform sole being the largest. Although it seems that brothel creepers are heavy shoes to walk around in all day, they seem worth the weight due to their complete different look next to other footwear.¬† Creeper shoes make a strong style statement but also hint that the wearer is not afraid to have fun with fashion. Paired with skinny jeans, and a t-shirt or sweater, they’re perfect for a casual look, or worn with a dipped hem skirt and chiffon top, they provide the perfect foil for a girly get-up. Don’t be shy to wear them on a night out if you fancy platforms without the need to take them off a few dances in – with an eye-catching dress they can make even more of an impact than skyscraper stilettos would.

If you want to purchase a creeper shoe, the Internet holds a wide array of specialty shoe vendors. There are so many online store/retailers that provide this shoe with many styles, include styles for the punk, psychobilly, and goth subcutlures. Creepers shoes are unique, different, stylish, bold and practical. And also they are very comfortable to wear as well as being good on the eye.