Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow offer a rich texture and long-lasting effect that many women prefer to wear for all types of makeup looks. Cream eyeshadows are often the favorite choice of women on the go, as they literally glide on simply and easily for bold color. Whether you want a natural feel or are dressing up your makeup for a formal evening event, cream eyeshadows help your eyelids keep their color with minimal creasing and smudging.

To apply a cream eyeshadow, the first step is to prepare your eyelids by applying an eye shadow primer. Many women skip the primer but it is important to use one, since it gives a better finish. Once you have applied primer to your eyelids, use your fingertip to apply a bit of eyeshadow to your lids. Make sure that you apply it only to the crease of your eyelid and not to the brow bone. If you are not comfortable using your fingertip for applying eyeshadow, you can use a eyeshadow brush instead. These type of flat tipped eye brushes are available in any good makeup store. To intensify the color, apply a bit more of the eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye. Swipe a bit of color just under the lower lash line. This will give your eye makeup a very beautiful look. Now blend the eyeshadow carefully so that it looks natural. Remember that the greatest intensity of color should be at the outer corners of the eyes. Next, apply a bit of highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners of your eyes by sweeping the highlighter with a brush. Your eye makeup is complete. When choosing the best cream eyeshadow, consider the color of your eyes, texture of your skin and personal preferences. Typically, cream eyeshadow is worn to highlight or bring out the colors of the eyes, and care should be taken to make sure that the eyeshadow does not make the eyes appear smaller. The texture of the eyelids can also be a factor when choosing a cream eyeshadow.

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Waterproof cream eyeshadow may be the choice for people with very oily eyelids. Although a waterproof product may not guarantee that the makeup will not crease or slip off, it will last longer and the color will stay truer. A waterproof cream eye shadow can also be applied to the under eye area to conceal dark circles. These products typically are available in various skin toned colors and are very effective in disguising dark circles and imperfections. Pricing may also be a factor when choosing an eyeshadow, though these products are generally inexpensive. Eyeshadow can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, big box stores, and cosmetic counters at department stores. They can also be purchased online, where many online cosmetic retailers will even send free samples of other cosmetics or fragrances with the order. Cream eyeshadows are very versatile as they can help you create both dramatic as well as soft look. Of course, choosing the right cream eyeshadow that will suit your skin tone and eye color is also very essential.