Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants are sometimes refered to as the “poor man’s velvet” and is made of a soft, durable material. The pants first became popular in the 1700s in France and England. By the late 1800s, corduroy was made of cotton and mass-produced in both European American factories.

The popularity of corduroy pants increased in the ’70s. Young people wore corduroy as a sign of rebellion that imitated Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, who often wore them on stage. The pants became known as “cords” and were available in a wide variety of flashy colors.  Whether for men or women, Corduroy pants are a smart choice when you are looking for comfort, warmth and style. Thicker than other fabrics used to make pants, corduroy will outlive many of its competitors. Pants made of corduroy can be purchased in a variety of colors. The ribs in corduroy are called wales, and they determine the thickness of the fabric. Styles include pleated pants, drawstring pants, jeans and cuffed pants. What you wear with corduroy pants is a matter of preference.

Corduroy pants, when you see this stuff its look similar with denim at first glance. But in fact they are different. Corduroy and denim are both heavy cotton fabrics most often used for making pants, but also commonly used for jackets, skirts and shirts. Though similar in their heft, material and uses, there are some major differences between these two pants. Denim is a tightly woven, cotton-twill fabric with a diagonal weave pattern. Colored threads, usually blue, are used in the warp, while white threads are used for the filling, giving denim its familiar bluish-white color. The twill and the weave are dense, making denim a very sturdy fabric with a smoothed but coarse texture. Then about the Corduroy pants; this pant come in a cotton or cotton-blend type of pile fabric. Pile fabric is a textile that has a raised nap made of upright loops or strands of yarn. Corduroy differs from many other pile fabrics in that it’s woven with extra filling yarns, which creates ribs or wales in the material, giving it a grooved velveteen texture.

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For women,  corduroy pants look neat with a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt tucked into them. A fashionable belt should also be worn, but it is not necessary if the blouse or t-shirt is left untucked outside the pants. A sweatshirt that zips or buttons up the front or a blazer will complement the outfit nicely. Short boots look stylish with corduroy pants. For men, a casual shirt looks smart tucked into a pair of corduroy pants. A matching plaid shirt works well, and a blazer on top of that completes the look nicely. If the corduroy pants have belts loops, a stylish belt in a matching color should be added to the outfit. A casual pair of suede shoes go well with corduroy pants. Cotton sweaters that button or zip up the front look nice with drawstring corduroy pants. Corduroy pants not only impart a fashionable look, they also provide durability. They are unique and definitely gorgeous for every occasions!