Convertible Dresses

A convertible dress can change purpose and look at will. Much as the name suggests, convertible dresses are those which can be changed into different avatars based on the need or the demand of the occasion. You can definitely create sometimes radically different looks with one piece of clothing. Most of these dresses are tailor-made to suit your requirements. So, it will fit you in the best possible manner. It is also available in varied styles that suit almost any body type. This fact is further strengthened by an Elan convertible dress. The wide range of dresses available at this online fashion store will surely leave you spoilt for choice. A form-fitting convertible dress makes a sexy and budget-friendly purchase.

Convertible dresses are designed from various materials and each of them has something special to offer. Those knit in jersey patterns look just as elegant as chiffon or silk or satin apparel. Even when it comes to color, the convertibles are operable over a vast selection of colors. If you want to use them for various occasions it is better off to go for a monochrome. If cocktail parties or semi-formal occasions are part of your calendar, you can negotiate the convertible best in a black color. If you have a petite frame, you can choose to wear a draped jersey dress. But if you are slim and slender, then you will look attractive in a dress that has plenty of detailing around the waist. There are some ways to wear a convertible dress. First way is slip the dress on with the straps in front. Twist the straps two or three times, one strap over the other, in the front below the neckline. Bring the straps from the front to the back around the back of the neckline and then tie the straps at the back of the neck to wear the dress in the Twist Front Halter style. The number of twists you have in the front is based upon personal choice. Then,step into the dress as you would a skirt with the straps in the back. Grab one strap in each hand and bring them around to the front and then exchange hands with the straps and continue to wrap them around the back of the waist. Holding onto the straps, continue to wrap the straps around the waistline like a belt. Layer the straps over each other to wear the dress like a skirt. Or slip on the dress with the straps in the front. Wrap the straps around the waist as you would a belt and then bring them up the front neckline in a V-shape over the shoulders toward the back of the neckline to wear the dress in a Tie Waist Cap Sleeve style.

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Step into the dress with the straps in the front. Hold a strap in each hand and wrap the straps around the underarm and back, criss-crossing the straps in the front. The straps will need to be wrapped more than once, depending upon the bust size and your personal choice as to how large or small you want the tie in the back. Tie the straps in the center of the back in a regular bow with some length of bow hanging down for a bit of flair. This is an elegant way to wear the dress strapless. And also, put the dress on as normal with the straps on each shoulder. Lift one strap over and place it onto the other shoulder, leaving one shoulder bare. Twist the straps a couple of times for an elegant twist, then bring the straps around to the back. Swing the straps forward on each side of the waist and bring them around to the center of the tummy and cross them over each other in a belt fashion. Continue to wrap them around the waist and then tie them in the back. This is an elegant way to wear the dress in the One-Shoulder style. These were some ways to wear your convertible dresses for any occasion.  The convertible dress also can be worn with jackets in the cooler months if the dress is the appropriate fabric and in the summer months as well. Transforming it is easy. The convertible dress is versatile for all occasions.