Combat Boots for Women

Combat boots for women, when new, can be stiff and inflexible. Combat boots women are generally made in men’s sizes, so the correct size and width for women may be difficult to guess. For women,  make the combat boots feminine by pairing them with girly pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look that is both stylish and functional. The boots are useful for the cold winter months, but they can add some style to an otherwise nondescript outfit. Once you have purchased combat boots, wear them as much as possible so they can adjust to the shape of your feet. If they remain uncomfortable, you may need to make additional adjustments to your combat boots.

Wear combat boots women as a casual accessory with a pair of jeans. Tuck skinny jeans inside of the boots and wear boot-cut jeans over the boots. Fold the cuffs of your jeans up a couple of times to better show off your boot style in a pair of regular-cut jeans. Or you can pair your combat boots with leggings and tunic style tops for a less casual look. Go with basic colors and add embellishment with jewelry, or punch things up by switching from dark boots to colorful boots. Combat boots come in a range of colors and patterns, so if you’re wearing a black tunic with leggings, express your personality with hot pink combat boots. Add a wide belt and you’re done. Switch the look by adding a more feminine top with lacy details and top it off with a blazer or jacket.

Combat boots women also great for a winter accessory. Due to their practical military origins, combat boots are ideal shoes for winter wear during inclement weather conditions like rain and snow. Pair combat boots with warm jackets, winter coats, trench coats and sweaters. Complete this look with a chunky scarf, beret hat, aviator hat, Russian hat or gloves.Play off the military theme and pair your combat boots with military-cut and -inspired jackets, dresses and pants. Another great outfit to wear with combat boots is to team it with a pair of jeggings and a long t-shirt or even a satin top. Top it with a waistcoat and you should be ready to rock the show. Remember to accessorize well with long metallic chains, bangles, and rings. You can also accessorize with a patterned scarf. Fold the combat boots for a more stylish and contemporary look. Or you can try a tailored pair of shorts for warmer weather or pull patterned tights on under shorts for winter. Put on a top that has sequins or lace details to add more feminine touches to the boots, and always up the ante with pretty jewelry, such as long necklaces with multiple strands that add a lot of visual interest.

If you’re keeping color to a minimum such as basic black and white, add a pop of color by stacking bright bracelets on and picking a colorful handbag.  Combat boost for women can be really stylish and functional. You can get the perfect style when wearing a pair of combat boost with the right outfits.  With combat boots women definitely can get the best look to flaunt and to die for. Yeah! 🙂

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