College Wear

College is a very important time for students, both academically and socially. Just as students begin to define their academic and intellectual interests, the social freedom of university life also offers students the opportunity to develop as young adults in a context of fewer family and peer restrictions. College wear play an important role in that process, with different college wear styles and ideas giving college students the opportunity to express themselves and interact with their peers. If you’re student of college and need some ideas about what to wear in college, then below are some tips about college wear for you.

You need to decide the type of person you are and the image you want to convey. An athlete typically wears warm-ups or sweats, a t-shirt, a baseball hat, and tennis shoes. If you are more academically inclined, then khakis, a button-up or polo shirt, and nice shoes work great. A more grunge look consists of some ripped or baggy jeans, a t-shirt and skate shoes. The surfer/skater look consists of shorts or baggy jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops or skate shoes. A more formal person invests in a pair of slacks, a button-up and dress shoes. A more formal look for women involves a skirt, blouse and a nice pair of thick heels. If you just want to go casual, a pair of jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes create a great look. A good way to complete your look is through the use of accessories. Helpful accessories include belts, jewelry, hats, jackets, vests and even your hair style. Belts are a wonderful addition to any outfit. Studded belts help convey grunge, while a brown faded leather belt is an effective addition to a casual t-shirt and jeans look. Jewelry is another great way to enhance your outfit. Necklaces can help add a new dimension to your style: hemp necklaces are skater; shell necklaces are more surfer; and silver and gold have an urban vibe. After all, there are many more college wear items to be considered to wear as well.Created with the student lifestyle in mind, most college wear easily bridges the gap between providing desired comfort and ease with being appropriate for most situations, depending on how it is worn. Also, keep in mind that you will be sitting in class most days, and it is important that you are comfortable so you can focus on the lessons. Choose clothes that are made from a comfortable material that will not cause itchiness or be distracting in any other way. Cotton-poly blends are durable but also feel good on the skin. Cotton and cotton-blend materials are also easy to wash and maintain. Typically the washing machines and dryers on college campuses are not set up like dry cleaners. If you have hard to clean materials such as silk or rayon, it can be tricky to make sure they get cleaned properly. It is best to have a wardrobe that consists of easy to clean items.

These were some tips about college wear for you. College is also a time for students to begin to define their views on the world and how they hope to contribute to society after leaving school. As students explore and look to express these new views and ideas, clothing can be an important tool for conveying that process. College wear can be bold, exciting and diverse. College is a time when you can afford to be trendier and wear things that stand out, so it is a good time to develop your own style.