Cloche Hats

Cloche hats, also known as flapper hats, were a popular accessory worn by women from 1908 to 1933. Caroline Reboux, a well-known Parisian milliner and French fashion designer in the late 1900s, was the creator of the cloche hat. The term cloche is French, meaning bell. Though trendy and chic, cloche hats were not practical. Worn tightly fitted against the skull and pulled down over the eyes, women had to hold their heads at peculiar angles to see where they were going. Cloche hats are made from felt, leather, yarn and even straw, and are often adorned with ribbons, feathers, beads and jewels. These stylish hats have even helped shape hairstyles. They are also often made of soft fabric which makes them conform more easily to the wearer’s head. Often decorated with ribbons, in 1920s culture, the type of ribbon on the hat had a special meaning for the woman wearing it.

If you want to make your own cloche hat, then there are someĀ  steps that you can follow: The first crucial bit in making the cloche hats is the measurement. Remember this is a close-fitting hat and therefore one must be very careful with the measurements. Even an inch extra could make a cloche hat look clumsy when worn. So to get the exact measurements, place the measuring tape at the center of the forehead. Take the tape around the head, under the bump at the back of the head and then to the front from where you started. Next comes picking the right pattern that suits your style and taste. Cloche hat patterns mostly include four pieces and a fusible interfacing is recommended to get the proper fit even if your chosen pattern does not mention involving it. Then, choosing a fabric that is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain is important and therefore you might want to consider going for wool, felt, lycra or even leather. The fabric will consist of two lengths, one of which would be the upholstery fashion fabric of your choice and the other, the lining fabric. It’s better if you go for a color that contrasts with the upholstery fashion fabric.

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Also choose the embellishments that you’d like to adorn your hat with and that could be anything from a ribbon to jewels to flowers, anything that would suit the fabric, texture and the color of the hat. Making a cloche hat is pretty easy with the fact that once you have all the materials assembled including the sewing machines, the needles, thread, scissors etc, all you need to do is follow the instructions that come with the patterns. Laying it out, cutting it and finally sewing it is all that needs to produce a perfect hat. But, please note here that before you machine-stitch the hat, try the hat out and then machine-stitch the two side seams at the crown region to ensure that it fits correctly, just as a cloche hat should fit. Once the hat is completely stitched, add the adornments. For tips on how to fix these adornments on the hat, you could use the help provided by various websites that specifically instruct you on the same. This beautiful cloche hat is making a comeback. Whether you purchase it at local stores/onlineĀ  retailers or making it by yourself, this hat really can enhance and complement your outfits into classy and retro style at the same time.