Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes are vital part of your makeup kit. They are available in various shapes and sizes which varies as per their usage. The bristles of these brushes are made of various types of materials. Some of these brushes are made of sponge or plastic. Then there are some expensive, high quality brushes which are made of natural materials like animal hair. These brushes enable you to apply the make up perfectly. Cleaning makeup brushes is a necessity after every use and thoroughly once a week. Why cleaning makeup brushes is necessary? Because makeup residue, body oils and dead skin collects on the makeup brush, encouraging bacteria to thrive. And when we reuse the brush without cleaning, the dirt collected on the brush sits on our skin, causing skin problems and other infections. So, it is necessary to clean the brushes on a regular basis.

But before you start on cleaning makeup brushes, there’s a few pointers regarding these brushes should be kept in mind. Firstly, whenever you use any liquid makeup, always see to it that the brush is cleaned as soon as possible. This is necessary because dirt sticks faster on the liquid makeup that remains on the brush. Avoid to keep brushes open or lying anywhere. Either keep them in your makeup box on in any other container to avoid dust sticking on them. And always use makeup and makeup brushes of standard companies that provide the best quality. Never take risk regarding any skin care products. Then you start to cleaning your makeup brushes.

Cleaning makeup brushes:

Mold the brushes back into their original shape. This is an essential step for how to clean makeup brushes that helps retain the original shape of the brush even after drying. Remember to place them on a dry, clean towel or a lint free surface. Leaving the brushes standing up while drying can result in the bristles getting weakened. The brushes will dry in six to seven hours based on its thickness and fullness. Do not place the brushes under electric or other dryers as it can end up ruining your makeup tools. Do not use the brushes till they are fully dry.

Every week, fill up a small bowl with warm water and add some shampoo and three to four drops of tea tree oil to the water. A good quality clarifying shampoo and tea tree oil containing anti bacterial and anti fungal properties help in cleansing the brushes and removing the bacteria off it. A mixture of two parts vinegar and one part water is also a great cleansing solution for your brushes. In addition to this a gentle facial cleanser or a mild herbal shampoo is your best bet for cleaning the bristles of the makeup brushes.

After makeup, use a fresh baby wipe to remove the residue and oils from the makeup brushes that you use. This can include the eyeshadow brushes, blush brushes and lipstick brushes.

Place your brushes in the solution and swish around the brushes every thirty seconds or so. Remember not to place them in the water for too long and do not place the brushes in boiling water for sterilizing them.

If you are cleaning nylon brushes, then instead of keeping them in a solution of warm water, just apply the cleanser to the brushes and work the cleanser into the bristles with your finger. Rinse under warm water and use a lint free cloth to squeeze out the excess water and keep them for drying.

These above are some ways about how to clean your makeup brushes. To prevent your makeup tools from getting dirty, store them in a clean, dry, protected place such as a vanity drawer, brush pouch or makeup bag.