Cigar Box Purses

Cigar box purses are growing in popularity. Cigar box purses always seem to find their niche in fashion. For many, it is an inviting way to enjoy a piece of the past. Whether it is memories of your grandfather’s favorite smoke or the simplicity of the sachet design, a cigar box purse can become a nice addition to your handbag wardrobe, and a rival to vintage designer styles. Cigar box purses burst on the fashion scene and can now be found at pricey boutiques. The variety of designs is endless, limited only by the cigar box purses available.

Handartdesignstudios  Cigar Box Purse

VillageVintageThrift Pinup cigar box purse

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Cigar box purses are usually lined with rich fabrics like suede and satin. The outside of the cigar box is often covered with vintage postcards, designer fabrics, beadwork, and tassels. Some of these box purses are so intricately designed using authentic wooden cigar boxes, that they can actually serve as a piece of art work as well. Most purse designers will keep all the original labels, engravings, and stamps on the cigar box to prove its authenticity, making it all the more beautiful and desirable. Also, These box purses are actually pretty easy to make. It doesn’t take much skill to pull off this kind of crafting project without a hitch. This is wonderful news for beginners who want to create something beautiful without creating a headache in the process. These purses can be put together with relative ease.

Fiorelladesigns French theme Cigar box purse

Fiorelladesigns Glamorous Witch Cigar Box Purse

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But if you want to buy one, cigar box purses can be found at flea markets, antique shops, craft stores, and sometimes at quaint little coffee shops.  Like the many types of homemade products you can also buy it online. Options are available at a variety of price points, depending on the quality of the material and the level of artistic details. Whether you decide to buy one, or make your own, you are sure to enjoy your newest accessory. Cheers!