Chukka Boots for Men

Chukka boots, sometimes known as desert boots, are a classic style of footwear that has been popular since the 1950s. They were originally made of calf skin or suede. The first chukka boots were called chukka because they resembled boots worn by polo game players who played in six-minute timed matches called “chukkas.” Chukkas are ankle-high boots, laced up through 3 pairs of eyelets. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are sold by numerous shoe companies at various prices. At first glance, some may appear to be a type of combat boot because they are similar to boots worn by British soldiers. Today they have developed into a boot of choice for many men.

Available in a wide variety of styles, chukkas are sold for casual wear, outdoor wear, and work wear in men’s sizes. They may also be described as desert boots or lace-up boots. Chukka boots today are made of suede, leather vinyl or canvas. More exotic materials for chukka boots are snake skin and crocodile skin. The eyelets may or may not have grommets. Laces are usually made of leather or waxed cord, and the soles are either leather or man-made crepe. They also come in sneaker type materials and sometimes are used in athletics.

1901 ‘Castle’ Chukka Boot

Cole Haan ‘Air Colton’ Winterized Chukka Boot
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Jack & Jones Oslo High Wool Chukka Boots

Selected Homme Dredi Suede British Millerain Chukka Boots
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Chukkas are designed to be comfortable and appropriate in a variety of environments. However, they are not typically designed to be working boots as the original desert boot was. Designers now also offer Chukkas in a wide variety of colors. To care, brush the chukka boots occasionally with a soft-bristled suede brush to clean off surface dirt. Brush with the nap rather than against it. For men, these Chukka boots is a must have!