Chino Pants for Women

Looking for fashionable, chic, casual and comfy trousers? Then chino pants can be your best choice. Chino pants materials are not so thick nor too thin, thus making you feel very comfortable. The pants are also known as a twill trouser to some women and usually come in a khaki color, however you can find a number of different colors. Chino pants have become a fashion since the time the military pants style was popularized by the United States Army. And, eventually these pants spread among the fashion conscious people around the globe.


A pair of chino pants for women is one of the most essential fashion items in fashionable ladies wardrobe. These pants can be used for both casual and formal wear. If you’re a woman who love to wear a chinos, you will have some different styles with chino pants. You  can select yellow mustard Chino pants and then mix with a neutral color tops or even a dark color to match the color of mustard. Instead, wear loose tee fuchia above Chino khaki that you have. Also, you can wear this Chino pants with a crop-tee stripes, or mix with a tank-top. As a final touch, you can add a skinny belt. For night wear, you may like to add a crop jacket, cardigan, blazers, biker jacket or boyfriend blazer on top of your tank top.


For accessories, wear a scarf or shawl over your top, or a skinny belt over your Chino pants. Strap heels is also an interesting combination that you can wear on top of your rolled-up Chino pants. To be different, you can choose ankle boots. Women can wear Chino pants everywhere you go. So don’t be afraid to do some fashion experimental in your runaway life.