Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos, also known as a chest piece, provide a popular way to show off your favorite body art. This larger canvas area means that you can display much more than could be inked elsewhere. Earlier on, chest tattoos weren’t so common as the other tattoos. With time, people really wanted to do something new and unique and not the normal common hand and ankle tattoos. As of today, yes, chest tattoos for men and women are common. They have specially gained more popularity in the past few years. When you are getting a tattoo on the chest, its placement should be given sufficient thought. The area which is referred to as chest, in case of males, runs from the bottom of their neck to the top of their stomach. The chest area for women starts at the base of their neck and ends at the top of the upper curve of the breasts.  Chest tattoos are an impressive as well as intimidating piece of a tattoo. If you want to get one for you, then there are some chest tattoo ideas that you can choose and experiment with.

Chest tattoo ideas for men; Men who choose to get their tattoos on their chests are usually looking for a large spot to display an intricate image. One of the most popular and old school pictures that can be inked on a man’s chest is a ship. Usually depicted as an old time schooner or pirate ship, these tattoos are much larger than you would typically find on other parts of the body. Many sailor tattoos were inked on the chest, including nautical stars, anchors, and swallows – all of which have their own meaning. Other popular is like a person’s face, tattoos of icons and celebrities, such as a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe over the right or left breastplate or an image of a famous pin-up model, such as Bettie Page, are some options. You might choose to go a more personal route, such as images of your grandparents when they were young tattooed over the heart area. Tattoos of family members made to look like old photographs placed in the chest’s centre with assorted designs are also options. Or men can choose wolf tattoos for their chest. This design was very popular with the Native Americans, as they believed the creature to have supernatural powers.

Chest tattoo ideas for women; Flowers. If you have a personal favorite in flowers, you can get a design with that inked. No matter how many people get them done and since how long, they always look equally good on everyone. Stars and Planets. are the second most common yet almost sought for designs. All of us know that our sun signs are ruled by particular planets. You can get your planet inked along with some unique zodiac tattoos of your zodiac. This will give you tattoo design some meaning and also make it look more personalized. Star chest tattoos in different patterns and colors again look beautiful no matter where you get them done. You can also get a combination design of your zodiac, your ruling planet and some stars. Quotations. These are something we believe in and can relate to. You can get one of these quotations inked. You can also search the Internet for more quotes and sayings if you wish to. You can get these inked in different languages across your chest if you have the patience. A lot of women get inked in tattoos that are in Chinese or some other language.Besides these women and men also can choose wings tattoos, Winged tattoos are often seen across the chest on and above the breastplates. Wings can be part of an animal or attached to another object, or used as tattoos on their own. An eagle or raven spreading its wings are two options for chest tattoos, or try winged heart tattoos. The heart would be placed between the breast bones with the wings on either side, the heart can also include a chain around it. Winged tattoos featuring a clock between the breastbone are also possibilities. Remember that chest tattoos are not like the usual tattoos we get done, you also need to carry them well. Find a good artist near you and come up with a design that portrays your thought process into an image and ink your chest tattoo. Good Luck!