Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces can be a wonderful fashion accessory to add flair to any ensemble and also makes a lovely gift. There are many types of chain necklaces for both men and women of all styles. It is also an absolute must have in every woman’s and young girl’s jewelry box. Chain necklaces can be an accessory to an outfit, or an outfit can be assembled to go around the necklace.

Twisted Box Chain Necklace

Colorblocked Snake Chain Necklace
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Chain necklaces come in a variety of sizes and styles. Sizes can range from 16 inches, which is around a choker size, to 36 inches, which will reach to approximately the belly button. The cable style is the most common chain; each link is the same, oval in shape, with the links connected one at a time in a chain. A box chain is a series of cubes that are open on the ends, and alternated to link together, it is a thicker chain. A rope chain is formed by twisting two or more chains together; it is usually a rather thick necklace. If the piece is to be adorned with a pendant or slide of some type, usually a less bold chain is used, showcasing whatever is added. A simple cable chain or nice snake chain is good for adding to. The snake style is not really links at all, but a series of small, wavy metal plates set side by side and joined together. When wearing a chain alone, usually it is a heavier, bolder one. A byzantine style, with paired links joined together, is graceful and elegant, yet can be very masculine as well. Using more than one chain gives the look of a multi chain necklace.

Sparkling Beaded Chain Necklace

Draped Chain Necklace
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Whatever choice you make for your outfit, you can be sure to find a chain that will match the texture, look, feel and style. Having a variety of them on hand can make dressing for any occasion easy and fun. After all, anybody can wear chain necklaces. There are even those made especially for kids.