Cashmere Sweaters for Men

Cashmere, which comes from Cashmere goats found in Kashmir, India, is prized wool, popular all over the world for the excellent warmth it provides. Cashmere is exquisitely fine in texture, it is tough, light, and soft. But when made into garments they’re extremely warm and comfortable to wear. They’re perfect in those cold wintertime months. Cashmere sweaters have long been fashionable with men and women alike since they’re durable and great for keeping warm. For men, cashmere sweater is a must have in winter season. Fine department stores and boutiques carry a range of men’s cashmere sweater designs from vests to cardigans, V-necks to turtlenecks and stylish shrugs. Men’s cashmere sweaters are obviously worn for a purpose other than the latest hot look. Mens cashmere sweaters are not just a choice for comfort, but definitely a choice that reflects a person’s class.

Marni Stripe Cashmere Sweater

Billy Reid ‘Elton’ Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

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MARC BY MARC JACOBS Silk & Cashmere Sweater

Theory Lorenz Cashmere Sweater

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In fact,  mens cashmere sweatershave been around for many centuries now, and thanks to the heightened need to be up-to-date with current trends, such cashmere sweaters are now being brought back into vogue by many fashion houses and thanks to such fashion houses that even you can find such gorgeous material very easily. These chasmere sweater for men come in a variety of designs and also great to wear over shirts. For these cashmere sweaters, any man should feel warmer and just a little classier during the experience.

MARC JACOBS // Tiger Print Cashmere Sweater
MARC BY MARC JACOBS // Dark Grey Silk Cashmere Sweater
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Warm and light as a feather, a cashmere sweater is a substantial investment for any man. The quality and feeling that Cashmere gives will leave you yearning for more. Possessing a garment made of Cashmere is a pleasure to be truly appreciated, because there really is nothing that has the same level of elegance as men’s cashmere sweaters. So if your looking to be fashionable and stay warm at the same time, then cashmere is the only way to go. In today’s market some of the most popular mens cashmere sweaters are made by top designers. If you plan to wear the garment more than once, be extremely careful when hand washing this delicate item. Of course, do not wear deodorant or make-up when wearing cashmere to avoid permanent staining. When storing in airtight containers, throw in a moth ball. Cashmere tends to attract moths, hence the trend of strategic placing of name badges.