Cashmere Socks

During winter season, it is very necessary to wear a warm pair of bed socks in order to have a nice sleep.  One of the best socks which helps us in keeping warm during winter are cashmere socks. Cashmere, it is often called as Kashmir. Actually it is a breed of Cashmere goats. Main features of this material are that it is very soft and user friendly. If you will touch the material you can feel the flexibility of it. For winters, nothing can beat woolen socks, and especially if its cashmere socks. Known for their tremendous warmth, they are also the softest and gentlest. These socks are simply perfect for your feet.

Cashmere socks are some of the most elegant and comfortable options that you have. Made from the wools of some exclusive goats these socks are available in a number of design and colors. According to their taste and choice, the ladies and gents can choose the color. According to the taste and preference, you can choose the cashmere socks which are available with patterns, laces etc. Also, as they are very comfortable, you can wear them on for a long time. Also, they are luxurious and you will feel the difference once you have put them on. Why these socks are so comfortable?Like said before, it is becuase they are made of the finest wools from the cashmere goats. These fibers have the capacity to provide greater level of warmth than any other options. At the same time, you will not be feeling itchy or damp while wearing these socks. Also, they are very light and therefore, you will enjoy your sleep. Moreover they are made of ethical cashmere. To care a cashmere sock, using a detergent is most definitely acceptable, but use caution when choosing which one to use. Strong and harsh detergents are harmful and can cause discoloration and weakening. Find a mild detergent and dilute it with water. Add enough cold water to the container (a bucket works great) so that there are minimal bubbles. Now we start the hand-washing procedure. Place the dirty socks into the water and gently mix them around to break up debris and dirt that are attached to the socks. After a few swirls, you should see some dirt detaching from the socks. Maintain gentle movements throughout the procedures, as cashmere socks become more delicate when wet. Allow them to soak in the water for about 30 minutes, then drain the water into the sink. Refill your bucket with a new supply of clean water. Now you want to carefully squeeze out the soapy water from the socks.

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Don’t wring or twist the socks, just do a gentle squeeze. After you have done this a few times, the soap should be completely removed. If not, keep dipping until it is gone. After all, cashmere socks are extremely comfortable and snug. They keep your feet warm even in the chilly winter evenings. This is why these socks are extensively worn in the outdoor events. They have a unique range of versatility so that they are available in different types of colors, shapes and textures. They are extremely durable and therefore, you don’t have to buy them every now and then.