Cardigan for Men

Cardigans are soft, light sweaters that button or zip in the front. They are usually made from cotton, wool, or a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. While they are most commonly worn by women, men in cardigans are being seen more and more on the fashion front. There are many types of cardigans, such as shawl, double breasted and patterned cardigans, that can be worn by men in a variety of stylish ways. Men can wear these versatile clothing items in many different styles to achieve a different aesthetic, from the casual hipster to a holiday look or classic lounge fashion. Cardigan for men can be more stylish and awesome in any occasions.

A cardigan is an ideal article of clothing to wear to a festive holiday party. The fabric provides additional warmth when layered under a jacket or inside a chilly living room. For men, they can also purchase a cardigan in festive colors such as green and red or featuring holiday-themed patterns. Add warm yet dressy corduroy pants and a knitted scarf, both in subdued hues that play up the cardigan. The result is the perfect outfit for men winter needs, from a ski vacation to an office Christmas party. To get the perfect fit of the cardigan for men, they need to consider the body type. Cardigans work best when showing off a slim or athletic physique, but also fine   when some men got a bit of a tummy,  a cardigan can help camouflage as well. Notes; Purchase light layers of clothing, the thicker the layer the thicker you’ll look.

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Cardigans can be very flattering when chosen correctly. If you want a smooth fit that won’t add extra bulk, choose a fine knit cardigan in merino wool or lamb’s wool. Stay away from heavier knits, if you want to avoid the appearance of extra weight. Dark colors are form flattering as well. Basic neutrals such as gray, navy or dark brown won’t add unnecessary heft to your appearance. To complement the cardigan styles, men also need to purchase slim-fitting straight-leg jeans or boot-cut jeans that are dark, tailored and chic. They can wear a plain T-shirt in white or in a bold color or even a graphic shirt for a canvas to build their look.

The Example Styles of Cardigan for Men

Boring with your old styles?Then try other looks. Now that you have the casual look down, you can try different looks. Leave your blazer at home for formal dress and throw on a cardigan instead. It looks less stuffy than a suit jacket and it can match ties well. Make it your own. Mix and match patterns with your cardigan and try different fabrics. Cheers!