Capri Leggings

Leggings can be worn at any age by men and women. They’re usually made from a lycra or a spandex blend. They can be made from cotton, silk, wool or any fabric that can be blended to create a stretchy, form-fitting garment. Leggings can be worn for warmth, comfort, as athletic wear or for style. And one of types of legging is Capri Legging. Capri leggings come to mid-calf. They’re more casual than a full-length legging but just as versatile. Everyone from very young girls to grown women can wear a capri-length legging. They go well with miniskirts, oversized sweaters or under team uniforms.

Tips to wear Capri leggings; choose a pair of black Capri leggings that properly fit the waist, hips and legs. Other than the size, pay attention to the thickness of the material, and the material’s ability to stretch. A taut, well-fitting Capri pant can provide a more slimming effect on the body, according to “Lucky” Magazine—making it a stylish choice for weekend attire.

Match the leggings with a crisp button-up tunic. Select a black top that has a bit of structure, such as a tailored tunic, with a collar, buttons and even pockets. When pairing a top with leggings, choose a top that falls to at least the hip area, or just below. A black shirt and Capri leggings can be a good foundation for a casual, yet chic outfit.

Accentuate the Capri leggings with a pair of wedged heels. Pumps can help elongate the leg and wedge heels can be more comfortable, as stated by Samantha Critchell in her article, “The New Shape of Shoes Comfort Enters Fashion’s Consciousness.” Finding shoes that are a similar color to the belt can help give the ensemble a cohesive look.

Upgrade the Capri legging look with a sparkling necklace. Bold jewelry can help make a casual look more chic, especially a beaded necklace. There are many necklaces in contemporary fashion that can make a statement, from glitzy to bold. Large bold beads, such as turquoise, can lend a bit of vivaciousness to a weekend look.

A versatile piece of fashion clothing, Capri leggings have been a favorite of ladies for years and available in so many different colors and patterns. It’s definitely worth buying at least a couple of pair every year. They also look great on girls from toddler to preteen age. Being able to wear them with a variety of outfits makes these clothing accessories the perfect blend of fashion and function.

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