Canvas Backpack

Summertime! Then you ready for a bunch activities, such as college, work, backpacking or outdoor adventures. It’s all takes preparation. You need good outfits, comfy shoes, and versatile bags. For the bags, canvas backpack can be great option for you. Carrying a canvas backpack on your an outdoor activities allows you the most freedom of expression in terms of what you can put on your bag. You definitely can bring you books, clothes, laptops and more on these bag! and for more advantages; Many canvas backpacks have a special coating that creates a waterproof barrier to prevent backpack contents from water damage.

Canvas backpack for women can be more feminine with very light materials. Even they can  personalize their canvas backpack with sequins, patches, pins, paint, markers and more. Women can create unique zipper pulls by folding duct tape back on itself and cutting out shapes, then punch a hole in the top and tie it to zipper. Hanging key chains on your backpack would be cute and for a three-dimensional look; just make sure you string them on sturdy thread or fishing line. If your purpose is easy identification of your backpack in a crowd, then tie a colorful pompom to the strap or spell out your name in masking tape on the back. And for men, as well as on women stuff, this backpack can be so stylish and unique with their fashionable shape for  any occasions. Choose the colors of canvas backpack that more darker. It will suits with your  jackets, or coats.

A canvas backpack is extremely rugged and sturdy, able to withstand excessive abuse and harsh environments, it can begin to look soiled and dirty over time. But you still can wash this bag, but if you don’t know how to wash, no worries, here’s the steps you can follow; First of all, saturate the nylon brush with water and scrub at the outer surfaces of the canvas with the brush. Work the brush firmly onto the surface of the canvas to loosen soiling and stains. Blot at stains and water on the surface of the backpack with a towel to remove the water from the backpack. Mix approximately 1 tsp. of laundry detergent with 2 cups of warm water in the small bowl. Dip the nylon brush into the soapy water and use the soap-filled brush to remove any stubborn stains from the outside of the backpack. Continue working until you remove as much soiling and stains as possible. Saturate a cloth with warm water and use it to rinse away the mild soap from the backpack canvas. and after you wash, reproof the canvas fabric to renew the waterproof-repellent capabilities of the canvas and protect your gear from water. Allow the backpack to dry again for 3 to 5 days before using it.