Caftans are a versatile garment to wear for either casual or elegant occasions. The caftans originated in ancient Mesopotamia, an area that encompasses parts of modern day Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. For many centuries, caftans were the traditional mode of dress in Turkey, where men and women alike considered it an appropriate clothing choice. Traditional Turkish caftans generally sported buttons extending from the rounded neckline to the waist and were either full length or 3/4 length, though some were shorter. In these days, caftans come in a number of different styles that really popular among women. They are made from a range of materials including cotton, silk, flax and flannel. They may be plain, printed or intricately embroidered. The loose fit and flow of the caftan can be your option to get a comfortable for entertaining at home or as a beach cover-up.

The caftan can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe. It can be worn on the beach as an eye-catching cover-up, belted and paired with heels for a dinner out, over leggings and sandals for a day of sightseeing, or worn at home as a dramatic and unusual garment for the hostess of a soiree. Also, most caftans can be purchased are made as one size fits all garments. Generally this means that only one size is available, and it is large enough to fit most people. Those who are very small or who wear petite sizes may find such a garment to be too large. Women who wear plus-size clothing may also find some caftans a bit too small. Fortunately, stores that specialize in petite or plus size clothing may provide a better fitting options.

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The caftans may also be worn by women in the US, where it is typically called a muumuu.  Some are Hawaiian inspired, and others may have prints that are reminiscent of African designs. In the US, this garment may be cotton, polyester, or cotton gauze. It is usually worn as a housedress, a nightgown or a swimsuit cover-up, and can be extremely comfortable.