Bucket Hats for Women

Bucket hats are a fashionable and comfortable year round option for women. In sturdy canvas, they provide practical sun protection; however, in warm wools they can be ideal for winter wear. The secret to bucket hat’s success lies in its functional yet fashionable design. With their extended wide brims and stylish finished form, bucket hats have withstood the normally unkind fashion test of time. Bucket hats for women are also available in different cute colors and styles to choose.

Fashion trends come and go, but bucket hats for women add a lot of versatility to any women wardrobe. There are many colorful materials that they can made from and adding matching lining and trim will make them a great addition any outfit in women wardrobe. They can be made to match your winter coat, your golfing or sailing outfit.  The stylish woman on the golf course can be found with a pair of shorts and a matching shirt and hat. Or for that casual outfit a pair of your favorite jeans some sandals or deck shoes. On these bucket hats, you can find ones that are quilted, water repellent and even insulated to keep off the rain and snow. For winter wear you will even find ones with micro-fleece lining. Bucket hats provide protection from the sun in the summer heat and will keep you warm in the winter cold. These hats are also made from Gore-Tex so if you like to go walking or doing sports in the rain, you will be able to stay dry as they are completely water proof.

Eric Javits Rain Bucket Hat

Helen Kaminski West Bucket Hat
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Bucket hats are light weight and easy to take care of as they can be thrown in the washer when they get dirty or stuffed in a pocket when they aren’t needed. To purchase a bucket hat for women, check out your local fabric and accessory shop for patterns and material. Or you can find it plenty at online store/retailers.