Broomstick Skirts

Broomstick skirts come in and out of fashion, but seem to never really leave. Broomstick is a popular skirt type that has a rich history dating back to the period of Renaissance. The simple cotton or blend wrinkled or crinkled appearance and the comfortable, flowing fit make them popular with women of all ages and body types. The wrinkled look of the skirt comes from the long pleats that appear like the broomsticks. Broomstick skirt can add to your style statement if you are able to carry them off well.
Broomstick skirt have a naturally relaxed appearance when viewed alone; they are prettier than wearing sweat pants but not quite on the level of dressier skirts, which is common to “boho” fashion. To dress up a broomstick skirt, pair with a button up blouse with short or cuffed sleeves. Leave the blouse untucked and wear a fashion belt around the waist, over the blouse. Opt for strappy sandals or dressy flats, but avoid cheap flip-flop sandals that can take away from the dressed-up look. The broomstick skirt provides coverage options (different lengths, for instance) with an exotic appeal that makes it stand out compared to other skirts and styles.  Broomstick skirts, especially the long ones, can have versatility. Instead of wearing at the waist, like a skirt is normally worn, slide the elastic or drawstring waistband up over the bust to create a strapless dress. The length will be shorter than when worn as a skirt, but for average height women the length should be sufficient when worn as a dress.
Caring broomstick skirtnot really hard to do, you just need to go for hand wash or light machine wash. Use the appropriate detergent and see to it that the skirt does not become stiff. After the wash, while the skirt is still wet, fold the skirt into half, and hang it to a skirt hanger or a clip and then twist the skirt from the other end as much as you can. Do not be very harsh with it. You can also tell a friend of yours to hold the waist band end, so as to twist the skirt from the other end. Now if your skirt is a tiered one, knot it after every tier with the help of a twine. But if it is non-tiered, then add the knots only at the top and bottom. Hang the skirt in a not so windy place so that the wrinkled look of the skirt is not messed up.