Bridal Headpieces

Hair accents and headpiece jewelry that sparkles add a bit of flair and can illuminate a bride’s face on her big day. The bridal headpiece should accent the overall bridal look, as well as complement her hairstyle. Choose a bridal headpiece in accordance with your gown, hairstyle and facial shape. From simple to lavish, there are as many bridal headpieces to choose from as there are brides.


Tiaras have been a symbol of prosperity and glamour for a long, long time. They are regal and dazzling, and they make an instant impression. For princess brides, tiaras make stunning bridal headpieces . No Cinderella wedding is complete without a royal tiara topping off the bridal ensemble. Wear a loop tiara that looks like a crown to feel like royalty on your wedding day. Feel like the star you are wearing a white pearl crest tiara for an added touch of elegance. Match your tiara to your wedding theme. For garden wedding, a love garden tiara captures the spirit of your special day. Butterflies wedding are complimented by a sparkling tiara with butterflies.


Todays bridal headbands offer a simple way to control your locks. They are enchanting with crystals, beads or pearls. They can be wide and encrusted with rhinestones, or they can be a simple silver band with a small sparkle or a silk flower added. You can use a headband to pull your short locks away from your face or you can use it to keep your long locks from falling in your face. Just make sure that the bling on your headband works with the sparkles on your dress. You dont want the two to compete or to clash.

And another great number of  bridal headpieces besides headband and tiaras that can add a fantastic element of glamour to a brides big day is Veil, pins, combs, and flowers.

Myrakim Golden flower and rhinestone headpiece

Myrakim Bridal birdcage veil – Double layer full birdcage veil

Myrakim Dazzling twisted rhinestone and pearl headpiece

Gardensofwhimsy Wedding head piece – Lady of the lake
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As the bride, you can opt for headpieces made of different types of hats. And also, remember that you are the center of attention so choose a bridal headpiece that makes the most of your face, hairstyle and wedding gown to look simply fabulous in all those photos and videos. Carefully selected your wedding dress and shoes but your ensemble is not complete without choosing one of the most flattering bridal headpieces. The perfect bridal outfit includes a bridal headpiece that compliments your face and your wedding dress.