Bootcut Jeans

Jeans are the most popular attire form of casual dress round the globe. The popularity of jeans has been consistent for many decades. With the everyday changing fashion, the patterns of jeans have also been changing. And there are so many different styles of jeans. One of styles of jeans is the bootcut jeans. As the name suggests, these jeans are especially designed to wear along with the boots. The part of the jeans around the thighs is a bit tight to give a slimmer looks. The end of the leg length flares out over the jeans. Do not confuse it with flare cut because bootcut are tapered to the knee and slim at the thigh. The bootcut jeans were originally worn by sailors when they were doing messy jobs so they could get them dirty without worrying. The boot cut style of the jeans was simple straight up and down to the knee and then flared out a little to the ankle so they would fit in with their uniform and over their boots. As time went on the hem of the boot cut jeans became wider and wider until soon the boot cut jeans for sailors were replaced by bell bottom jeans and trousers (what we know as today as flared jeans or flared trousers). Shortly afterward the trend of the ‘boot cut’ jean and trousers spread into Europe and then around the rest of the world. Men’s and women’s boot cut jeans and trousers differ in that the women’s is skinny to the leg before the knee and then opens up more towards the ankle whereas the men’s boot cut is the same length of openness all the way up and down.

Outsider Bootcut Jeans by Mother

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The Petite Dojo Jeans by 7 For All Mankind
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For many years people thought that bootcut jeans were only for men as well as for business attire. This is just not the case anymore. Many women have started wearing these jeans for many different reasons. One reason is because they are stylish. Another reason is because they tend to be a looser fitting type of jeans. These jeans have also started becoming a trend with teenagers as well. Many teenagers feel that these jeans are very hip and stylish. Many people wear these jeans with boots, but you do not have to. These jeans can be worn with many different types of shoes. These jeans can also be worn for many different occasions. Many people like to have jeans that are casual but also can be worn for dressier occasions. These jeans can be just right for every occasion. This is good because you can save money by not having to buy many different pairs of pants for each occasion. These jeans also come in a vast of colors and designs as well. Some people have found that because of their body shape it can be a headache to try and shop for jeans. There is no need for headaches any longer. Bootcut jeans have such an array of types of jeans that there is a pair for anyone no matter their shape.

Levis Jeans 527 Bootcut Dusty Black

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Diesel Jeans Zatiny 8XR Bootcut
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Today, bootcut jeans can be found at almost any clothing store at any price point. If you’re looking to spend less than $20, you’re sure to find the right boot-cut jeans at a discount retailer or big-box store. If you’re looking to spend a fat wad of cash, high-end department stores can accommodate with designer labels of jeans from $100 to $1,000. Remember, its not the price of the jeans that counts, but how they look and how comfortable you find them. Also, when buying bootcut jeans, one must take care of the cut of the material and the fitting of the jeans. Slimmer people can opt for jeans with a low rise. Plump people can choose jeans with dark shades in the thigh region which makes the figure look slim. Usually, these jeans look good on tall and healthy people, as they are good at disguising curves. Hence, bootcuts are best jeans for curvy women! Bootcuts pair best with flat and pointed sandals and leather boots. Nowadays they are worn by men too as they add an extra cowboy touch to their masculinity. Bootcuts are suitable for holidays, casual meets, catching up with friends or family over dinner and fun filled occasions like picnics. After all, these fashion clothes are perfect for all great occasions with design and style.