Bomber Jackets for Men

Clothing trends come and go, but the American bomber jacket has stood the test of time. More popular than ever, the fashionable bomber jacket is over 90 years old. Bomber Jackets, aka “Flight Jackets,” were originally made for airplane pilots to keep them warm, because airplane cockpits were not enclosed. And nowadays, Bomber Jacket eventually became a part of popular culture and apparel. The traditional bomber jacket practically screams masculinity. Choices for bomber jackets for men include the leather bomber jacket, the shearling bomber jacket, the flight jacket, the suede bomber jacket, the twill bomber jacket, the baseball bomber jacket, the wool bomber jacket, and the down bomber jacket. A new style that’s sure to be a hit is the buffalo plaid bomber jacket with a hood. This jacket is sort of a marriage of the traditional bomber jacket and the hoodie. These look super comfy and easy to wear.

Bomber jacket is one of the hottest fashion items on the market. Bomber jackets for men are not only timeless and classy, but they’re versatile , men can wear a lightweight one for a summer look, or they can wear a dark one with a simple white T-shirt for a low-key classic movie star look. And the ultra-popular bomber jacket is part of the military look that will be the rage this autumn and winter. These jackets can have an informal, distressed look, or they can have a more formal look. You find a bomber jacket to go with practically any outfit.


River Island Bomber JacketASOS Bomber Jacket

Solid Bomber Jacket

G Star Hooded Bomber Jacket

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Bomber jackets for men will fit in almost anywhere. Wear it to a football game, to school, to the club, shopping, or while you’re just hanging out with your friends. You can add patches to your bomber jacket to make it truly unique and totally yours. Also, they make great gifts for practically anyone on your birthday or Christmas list, too.