Black Evening Dress: Why you can never go wrong

A black evening dress is a must-have in every woman’s closet. It’s a classic dress that has been around long enough to build a reputation of its own and one can never go wrong with a classic piece. The color itself makes any outfit easy to wear in any occasion. It works for evening dresses and even casual daily wear.

If you’re going for a sexy and elegant look without calling too much attention, black is a safe color to wear in any formal event. If you’re aiming for more eye-catching attention from other guests, you can go for deep reds. But basically, the style, cut and way you carry yourself with a black dress will determine how eye-catching you can be in an event.

Black Evening Dress

Picking the perfect black evening dress

Simply buying a black dress doesn’t cut it. There are four things you need to concern yourself with when shopping for a dress.

  1. Choose the right fabric

For most evening dresses, you’ll find that they’re either made from chiffon, velvet, satin or organza. Summer evening dresses are best made with chiffon because it’s a lighter material while dresses used for events during winter, fall or any cold day would be best made from velvet or satin. The latter materials are relatively thicker compared to chiffon.

  1. Style and cut of the dress

Knowing your body type will make choosing a dress easier. Some dress cuts and styles only complement particular body shapes. Choosing an A-line or a ball gown dress will really depend on your body and the features you want to highlight and downplay.

Black Evening Dress

  1. Embellishments on the dress

Beads, sequins, jewels or embroidery can make or break a dress. On a regular event, having too much embellishment on a dress can make it seem over-the-top. However, it can also be used to highlight your best features.

  1. Matching shoes

What makes a black dress so wearable is that it’s easy to match with any type of shoes. Four-inch stilettos, pumps, peep-toe and any other style of shoe with a little heel look great with a black evening dress.