Bell Bottom Pants for Women

Bell bottoms, also known as flared pants, have returned to fashion to become as common as they were in the 1970s; they’re in all the stores and fashion magazines. Bell bottoms are a style of pants that are characterized by the way the pant leg widens greatly between the knee and the bottom hem. Usually these pants are worn tight from the waist to the knee, which exaggerates the bell-shaped flare at the bottom. Today, in our modern society, bell bottom pants are one of the favorite pants for women.

Though film stars of the 1930s like Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were known for their flared-leg pants, it wasn’t until the 1970s that women really wore true bell bottoms as their trouser of choice. This era saw the rise of the relaxed alternative to a dress — the pant suit, a long top, often belted at the waist, over matching bell bottom pants. Bell bottoms were also a common “dress up” look, especially if going out on the town for a night of dancing, because the wide leg allowed for freedom of movement on the dance floor. Dress-up bell bottoms for women were made out of velvet, satin or leather. Today, women still wear modern versions of all of these bell bottom options.

Today, fashion rules are free, bell bottoms enjoyed a brief comeback in popularity during the 1990’s, both in the Europe and North America. For the most part, however, bell bottom pants are usually worn as an item of costume clothing, for example a hippie Halloween costume, or a retro theme party. Bell bottoms is one such vintage fashion trend that has made a classic comeback and you can see many women flaunting these. With the best colors and combinations you can get set to show off your new pair of vintage styled bell bottoms.