Bathing Suits for Pear Shapes

Women’s bathing suits now come in a variety of styles that are flattering for many different body shapes and sizes. Finding that perfect bathing suit that helps you look great on the beach can be a daunting task, but keeping a few flattering styles in mind while you shop can help you pick a suit you look good in and feel comfortable wearing. The woman with a pear-shaped figure has big hips and thighs, but there’s no reason to completely hide those womanly curves. Choose the right bathing suit for your pear shape, and you’ll feel just as sexy and stylish as anybody else partying at the beach. The key to selecting bathing suits for pear shapes; look for suits with specific features that flatter that shape.

The classic problem most pear-shaped women find is that a suit that fits at the bottom will sag on the top. Despite the fact that the pear shape is the most common in women, there have traditionally been few suits that were designed to fit and flatter them. However, you now have a number of options, not least are that tops and bottoms can now be purchased separately. For women who want to hide their lower portions, a swim skirt is a good way to go. Some pear shapes will find that boy shorts can make them look squat, but a skirt adds texture and flow to the body. These don’t have to be huge granny skirts – there are plenty of cute skirts available. You can find one that will match a bikini top that shows off your slim torso – if nothing else, a black skirt will always match everything. The other option is a folded bikini bottom. The folding will hide curves and give you a streamlined look.

Bathing suits for pear shapes; try a suit that draws attention to your bust. This will make you seem less bottom-heavy. Tankinis are very flattering for pear-shaped women because they provide support for the bust and can often be bought in separates. When buying a two-piece, go with a print or pattern on top to draw the eye there. You may also want to look for a top with a little extra padding and support in the cups, whether it’s a bikini or tankini.

Remember, it’s OK to wear a solid bottom with a patterned top. Mixing and matching is fun and makes for more swimsuits combinations. For extra coverage, consider a suit with a skirted bottom or boyshorts-cut. However, if the skirt is too long, it can actually make you look heavier, be careful to avoid bottoms with belts or skirts that may emphasize the parts you don’t like as much.

Another ideas of bathing suits for pear shapes; sarongs. Sarongs are a nice option when you are outside of the water. They provide a extra (yet sheer) coverage if you want it and add a little more pizazz to your swim wear.

If it’s a one-piece you’re looking for, try something with a plunging neckline or extra flair on the upper section, such as ruffles, funky straps, orother ornamental detailing.

Remember that you might fit into more than one category. Some women are tall and slender; others are petite and pear-shaped. Knowing the category or categories you fit into will help you narrow the swim suits to consider, so you can spend your summer at the beach instead of in the dressing room. Good Luck!