Bat Mitzvah Dresses

Bat Mitzvahs are the female version of the “Bar Mitzvah.” They are essentially the “coming of age” celebration of young women in Judaism. Bat Mitzvahs are celebrated when a Jewish girl turns twelve years of age. The phrase “Bat Mitzvah” literally translates as “daughter of commandment” in Hebrew and Aramaic, meaning that this is the time when a young adult becomes responsible for following and observing all of the Torah’s commandments. As a Jewish girl, your Bat Mitzvah marks your passage into adulthood in the Jewish religion, and it is your moment in the spotlight. Select the perfect Bat Mitzvah dresses to make you look and feel like the woman you are becoming.

For Bat Mitzvah service , choose a dress for the Bat Mitzvah service that is flattering but conservative enough to reflect the religious nature and solemnity of the event. Shoulders should not be exposed, and dresses or skirts should be no shorter than knee-length. Or you can go for the classic sheath dress. With these Bat Mitzvah dresses style, you’ll look sophisticated yet festive and modern yet modest. Pair your sheath with a skinny belt in a contrasting color and bring a cardigan. Subtle prints look fantastic, but stay away from bright reds and neon; you don’t want to steal the show. A black sheath is a solid choice, but wear colored shoes or jewelry in order not to look too somber. For Bat Mitzvah party, select a fabulous dress that will express your personality and really make you shine at your Bat Mitzvah party. Are you trendy, traditional, outgoing or reserved? You can pick your favorite color or coordinate your dress with the colors of your party theme for a fun surprise.


To purchase Bat Mitzvah dresses, visit different stores to shop for a Bat Mitzvah dress. Department store dress sections, boutiques and specialty dress shops are all great places to look, and you will often find sales people that are helpful and knowledgeable.